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April 2014 Building E-News: ICONICS and Microsoft Partner to Improve Campus Building Efficiency


Have you read "Solutions Smart Enough for Microsoft" or "Symphony of Software Saves Millions"?  Featured in Microsoft Touch magazines, ICONICS AnalytiX® energy management solutions improve the energy efficiency of over one hundred Microsoft campus buildings.  Learn more about ICONICS' predicitive building automation solution, Facility AnalytiX®, and discover what new features are in store for v10.85.

  April 2014

ICONICS Featured in Microsoft Touch Magazines


"Being a software company itself, it should be hard to sell software to Microsoft. But that is exactly what ICONICS recently did."   - ICONICS President & CEO Russ Agrusa


In the Spring 2014 issue of Touch, Solutions Smart Enough for Microsoft highlights the success in using ICONICS' AnalytiX® energy managment solutions to improve the energy efficiency of over one hundred Microsoft campus buildings. The discussion continues in Microsoft's Touch Partner Guide, Public Sector 2014-2017 Global Outlook, in Symphony of Software Saves Millions.


A small, covert team of engineers at Microsoft cast aside suggestions that the company spend US$60 million to turn its 500-acre headquarters into a smart campus to achieve energy savings and other efficiency gains. Instead, applying an ‘Internet of Things meets big data’ approach, the team invented a data-driven software solution based upon ICONICS COTS software that is slashing the cost of operating the campus’ 125 buildings, saving Microsoft millions of dollars.


The application has been so successful that the company is now helping building managers across the world deploy the same solution.  And with commercial buildings consuming an estimated 40% of the world’s total energy, the potential is huge.


Continue reading Symphony of Software Saves Millions

Excerpt from Touch Partner Guide, Public Sector 2014-2017 Global Outlook.


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 Product Spotlight: Facility AnalytiX


Fault Detection and Diagnostics technology can reduce service costs by 50%.


Facility AnalytiX® is a predictive building automation solution that uses advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology.  


Using powerful S95-standard asset technology, Facility AnalytiX incorporates algorithms that weigh the probability of faults and advise management, operators and maintenance personnel of actions they can take to prevent equipment failures or excessive use of energy. Operators can be notified of faults via SMS, email, phone alerts or other popular multimedia methods.


Facility AnalytiX has a fast ROI and payback and continuously monitors for optimal performance, greatly reducing energy costs. Its unique fault viewer quickly identifies the most costly faults to reduce downtime and engineering.


Customize Facility AnalytiX to work for you. Create custom KPIs and visualization dashboards, including Microsoft SharePoint® portals, as well as specialized reports.

Learn more about Facility AnalytiX




 ICONICS' Beta Program v10.85




ICONICS is pleased to announce the availability of the 10.85 Beta 1 release!

Comprised of a number of new features for ease of use and productivity, GENESIS64TM, AnalytiX, Hyper HistorianTM and MobileHMITM all contain exciting updates for you to test and provide feedback.
•  Communication Updates for BACnet
•  HTTPS Connections in the Cloud Connector for Windows Azure
•  GraphWorX64 Bulk Publishing (Phase 1)
•  ReportWorX Express Updates including a Standalone Installation
•  Energy AnalytiX Meter Rollover OperationFacility AnalytiX Fault State Tracking
•  Quality AnalytiX SPC Charting with GridWorX
Hyper Historian
•  Hyper Historian to Hyper Historian Data Merging
•  TrendWorX64 to Hyper Historian Conversion
•  Upgraded AppHub for Usability and Consistency
•  New HTML5 EarthWorX Viewer
•  Performance Improvements


Learn More and Register for the 10.85 Beta Program



 ICONICS Training Courses Provide the Skills for Success



An investment in ICONICS Training will result in reduced engineering costs and greatly improved system designs. ICONICS training classes are packed with hands-on, in-depth interaction with our products. Tips and shortcuts offered by ICONICS’ expert instructors will help you develop your applications quickly and efficiently. Training is available in training centers around the world.

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