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February 2014 Building E-News: See Why You Need ICONICS' Award-winning AnalytiX Solutions


Highlighting ICONICS' Award-winning AnalytiX Solutions, this E-news covers Energy Star Reporting with ReportWorX Express, the top ten reasons you need Energy AnalytiX, as well as helpful tips and tricks for AssetWorX Intelligent Asset Technology.

  February 2014

Energy Star Reporting 

with ReportWorX Express


Energy Star Reporting is now easier than ever with ReportWorX Express, a new, user-friendly Excel plug-in included with ICONICS’ GENESIS64TM, Hyper HistorianTM and AnalytiXTM products. The powerful plug-in allows the user to mine data from a variety of sources, including OPC UA, OPC DA, OPC HDA, Hyper Historian, AlarmWorXTM, TrendWorXTM and Quality AnalytiX®.


Companies looking to streamline their Energy Star reporting process will find Energy AnalytiX to be a convenient way to generate energy, water, or IT energy usage reports appropriate for submission into Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager.


Take advantage of groundbreaking new analytical capabilities such as Degree Days Analysis to normalize energy consumption trends based on weather data and other external factors. Leverage “Big Data” performance improvements to facilitate analysis of large amounts of consumption data in an easily understandable format.


Learn more about Energy Star Reporting with Energy AnalytiX




  ICONICS' Energy AnalytiX 

   receives an Honorable Mention

   from Control Engineering's subscribers for being

   one of the best new control, instrumentation and

   automation products.


[ Learn more about this 2014  

Engineers' Choice Honorable Mention ]  



  “…Building Management System, critical alarm

    communications, alarm handling, data storage, archive

    data handling…the system can handle it all.

- Project Officer, University of Bristol      



 Tips & Tricks - AssetWorXTM Intelligent Asset Technology


If you are familiar with the AssetWorX component of

ICONICS' GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA and AnalytiX product suites, you may already have experienced the power of Equipment Properties. 


Did you know that there are three ways an Equipment Property in AssetWorX can be used as a data register (all of which support data caching)?  


Equipment Properties can be:


1.  Mapped to a dynamic tag

  • When mapped to a dynamic tag, an advanced polling mechanism can be applied such that you have better control over when data is obtained from the data source.  This would be very important in situations where bandwidth for data traffic is scarce, i.e. over satellite links.

2.  Mapped to an expression that involves multiple tags and some logic


3.  Used as a static value holding register


Discover more key features and benefits


New to AssetWorX Intelligent Asset Technology?  

Get an overview



 ICONICS at AHR Expo 2014, New York City



ICONICS participated in the 2014 AHR Expo in the Big Apple of New York City, January 21-23. As one of the largest trade shows in Building Automation, ICONICS was honored to have their Energy AnalytiX product awarded the coveted "Green Products of AHR" title.  

Meeting with amazing exhibitors and visitors from around the world, ICONICS introduced their latest products and gave demos on GENESIS64, MobileHMITM and Facility AnalytiX®

Congratulations to the lucky winners of a Microsoft® Surface™ tablet and Windows® 8 Pro during our daily raffle!


 ICONICS Training Courses Provide the Skills for Success



An investment in ICONICS Training will result in reduced engineering costs and greatly improved system designs. ICONICS training classes are packed with hands-on, in-depth interaction with our products. Tips and shortcuts offered by ICONICS’ expert instructors will help you develop your applications quickly and efficiently. Training is available in training centers around the world.


See our course listings



 Our Dedication to Customer Success


  ICONICS is proud to present the 

 2013 edition of our Customer Success Stories book,

  featuring ICONICS HMI/SCADA software solutions.


  You can also learn more about our newest products and solutions

  at www.iconics.com/products 


  Learn more about our solutions for the Building Controls industry

  here: http://www.iconics.com/Home/Solutions/Building.aspx.


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