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July 2014 Industrial E-News:Microsoft Features ICONICS' Future-proof Software in Summer 2014 Prime Magazine


Are you aware of the risks that you are faced with if you are still running Windows XP? Read this newsletter for an informative article about your options for migrating to a newer operating system, and how ICONICS can guide you through that process with a free XP risk analysis.

  July 2014

Microsoft Features ICONICS' Future-proof Software in Summer 2014 Prime Magazine


Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on 8 April and, by now, most of the risks are fairly well known. With the lack of critical updates, computers are more vulnerable to viruses and attacks, which will become even more frequent in the long term. Many manufacturers underestimate how much an operating system does to protect them from such attacks.


When Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, many other vendors, such as ICONICS, announced a similar strategy to retire XP support. Now, when there are issues with the operating system or application, support options are greatly limited. This may lead to downtime and less efficient plant operations. 


Manufacturers should see the Windows XP end of life announcement by Microsoft as an opportunity, rather than a problem. When an operating system is retired like this, organisations have the chance to move forward and future proof their applications for years to come.


[Excerpt from Prime Magazine, Viewpoint: Windows XP migration, Future-Proof Software]

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 ICONICS' Free XP Risk Analysis 


If you are still operating on Windows XP, ICONICS is offering a Free Risk Analysis to provide you with a solution to migrate your Automation system securely and efficiently with a customized migration plan. 


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 Product Spotlight: Wind AnalytiX




Many industries rely on disparate sources of information from various manufacturers. In particular, the Wind and Renewables industries are left with data that are not always cleanly connected.


In this short demonstration, Jotham Kildea and Geethike de Silva of ICONICS discuss the company's expertise in creating environments that allow users to display an enterprise dashboard management layer for their systems. They also demonstrate how users can visualize, analyze and mobilize an entire application in one place. 


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An investment in ICONICS Training will result in reduced engineering costs and greatly improved system designs. ICONICS training classes are packed with hands-on, in-depth interaction with our products. Tips and shortcuts offered by ICONICS’ expert instructors will help you develop your applications quickly and efficiently. Training is available in training centers around the world.


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