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May 2014 Industrial E-News: New Mobile App for Water, Upcoming v10.85 Product Enhancements and More


This newsletter introduces MobileHMITM for Water and announces many exciting new features with version 10.85, including ICONICS' new Cloud-based Hyper Historian and Automatic 3D Terrain Drawing with EarthWorXTM

  May 2014

ICONICS Introduces MobileHMI for Water


ICONICS’ MobileHMI™ for Water provides a mobile solution with role-based dashboards designed to meet the needs of executives and managers, operators and field service technicians in the water and wastewater industry. 


Directly connect to HMI displays for real-time monitoring of

your water and wastewater operations, including assets,

alarms, trends, field service activity, and customer site conditions.   


Integrate enterprise information from work order management systems and business systems for a unified view of your operations. Utilize a wealth of aggregated real-time and historical data with dashboards that leverage ICONICS GEO SCADA maps of rich, contextual layers of information. 


 September 23-26, 2014

          Hamburg, Germany          

Hall B2

     Stand 305a




June 8-12, 2014   

Boston Convention Center, Boston, MA

Booth 1875


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Learn more about 

ICONICS' New Cloud-based Hyper HistorianTM


 Product Spotlight: New 3D Terrain Drawing with EarthWorXTM


EarthWorXTM, ICONICS’ powerful GEO SCADA solution, provides real-time visualization to widely dispersed assets such as factories, facilities, oil fields and many others, through GENESIS64’s integration with Esri Maps, enhanced Microsoft Bing® maps or Google maps.


With the newest feature, Automatic 3D Terrain Elevation Drawing, now you can select any area of your map and automatically convert it to a 3D Terrain in GraphWorX64.  



  • Instantly transform 2D maps using readily-available site elevation information, precisely modeled to offer a comprehensive view of your geographically dispersed assets across richly textured terrain. 
  • Quickly visualize critical asset information with intuitive pan and zoom navigation.  
  • Reliably locate and easily identify asset performance, issues, or alarm conditions within seconds using customizable color-coded Smart Pins.  
  • Hide or show more detailed layers of real-time and historical information on demand.  


Learn more about EarthWorX



 ICONICS' Beta Program v10.85




ICONICS is pleased to announce the availability of the 10.85 Beta 2 release!

Comprised of a number of new features for ease of use and productivity, GENESIS64, AnalytiX®, Hyper Historian and MobileHMI all contain exciting updates for you to test and provide feedback.

            •  3D Terrain Elevation and Mapping

            •  Silent / Unattended Installation

            •  New ScheduleWorXTM Runtime in the Workbench

            •  ConverterWorXTM Support for SNMP

            •  Unified Data Manager Enhanced Expressions and Performance Improvements



            •  Energy AnalytiX® Optimizations and Unification of Meter Data

            •  Facility AnalytiX® Improved Rules Engine

            •  Quality AnalytiX® Enhanced SPC Charting with GridWorXTM

            •  New ReportWorXTM Express SPC Raw Data Report for Quality AnalytiX


Hyper Historian

            •  Hyper to Hyper Technology with Enhanced Data Synchronization

            •  TrendWorX64TM to Hyper Historian Conversion



            •  New HTML5 AssetWorX Viewer

            •  Smart Tile Enhancements

            •  AppHubTM Enhancements and Improvements


Learn More and Register for the 10.85 Beta Program



 ICONICS Training Courses Provide the Skills for Success



An investment in ICONICS Training will result in reduced engineering costs and greatly improved system designs. ICONICS training classes are packed with hands-on, in-depth interaction with our products. Tips and shortcuts offered by ICONICS’ expert instructors will help you develop your applications quickly and efficiently. Training is available in training centers around the world.


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