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ICONICS Announces the Release of Version 10.9!


ICONICS is pleased to announce the release of its version 10.9 products! This new release is packed with over 500 new features including enhancements to its powerful AssetWorXTM technology, now with shared Equipment Classes, tree views, enhanced search and bulk configuration. Other exciting new features include RecipeWorXTM, KPIWorXTM self-service dashboards, AlertWorXTM, native Esri integration, unified search and a powerful new Workbench. All v10.9 products are Windows 10 compliant, and the new HTML5 version of WebHMITM offers support for any HTML5-compliant browser, including Microsoft Edge. These important, time-saving features and productivity tools were created to help users become more efficient than ever before.
GENESIS64™ v10.9, HMI/SCADA and visualization suite of automation software products, is packed with over 500 new features. A few of the new major features include:
  • AssetWorX - Shared Equipment Classes, Tree Views, Enhanced Search and Bulk Configuration
  • RecipeWorX - Recipe Management for Process and Discrete Applications
  • KPIWorX - Self-service Dashboards for Real-time and Historical Data
  • AlertWorX - Email and SMS Notifications for Any Application
  • New Unified Search and Data Explorer
  • Native Esri Integration
  • New WebHMI HTML5 Technology - Compatible with Microsoft's Edge browser

New in AnalytiX® v10.9 are Financial Analysis, Financial Summary and Advanced Energy Analysis Charts, enhanced quick connect meters, commanding within Facility AnalytiX and Energy data backfill support. AnalytiX v10.9 also features open accessibility tools with the new OData Connector, which provides secure access to ICONICS data through a REST interface. The newest features available with version 10.9 save you time and money by making things easier, faster, and more intuitive.

New innovations in MobileHMI™ v10.9 help users mobilize data monitoring, control and analysis in a wide variety of applications. KPIWorX allow for the creation, saving and loading of self-service dashboards through a user-friendly interface. Augmented Reality offers expansive location services to automatically load and display data based on a user's location and proximity to equipment, with support for QR codes, GPS, OCR, barcodes and NFC technology. New and improved HTML5 functionality includes the AlarmWorXTM64 Viewer, GridWorXTM and Tree Views.

In v10.9, Hyper Historian™ users will experience the new, user-friendly Business Intelligence drill-down and rollup of data for enhanced insight into their operations. A new, powerful TrendWorXTM64 Viewer features flexible drill-down technology to access data in incredibly user-friendly ways. Users can explore and drag & drop data in real time using simple, point-and-click navigation, or snap to Scroll Areas for fast, easy access to historical data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, making it simple to time-align information. Hyper Historian Express offers the ability to scale up from smaller applications as users' systems grow. Leverage these exciting features with Hyper Historian for Azure and the powerful Hyper to Hyper technology to enable them to aggregate and merge data from any plant historian server, on-premises or in the cloud.
Product downloads can be requested at http://www.iconics.com/products. Customers and partners with a valid SupportWorX login can download products immediately at https://getconnected.iconics.com/Home/Support/ProductDownload.aspx.  

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