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无论是一个单个建筑,还是整个校园,所面临的挑战都是一样的: 管理在在不同的协议通讯下的多个系统平台。ICONICS楼宇自动化解决方案为您在一个集中的用户界面上提供一个简单的方法来浏览和控制关键参数。把你的供热通风与空调、照明、能源、保安、消防、电梯系统集成在一起.



"We have used ICONICS software products almost exclusively on our installations since 1991. Their consistent high performance and value are always major factors in the success of our projects. The versatility and fully customizable nature of the software allowed us to adapt perfectly to the varied technical issues we encountered on the Solebury campus and to precisely tailor the HMI to fit the needs of their personnel."

Walter L. Horigan
Vortechs Automation, Inc.

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