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Food and Beverage manufacturers require superior monitoring, control, reporting, trending and alarming. For Processing, Bottling and Canning, Packaging, Retail and Distribution - where maintaining efficiency while meeting FDA reporting is of key importance- ICONICS provides an exceptional solution.

ICONICS solutions for food and beverage emphasize security and compliance, providing operational accountability through sequence checking, integrated biometrics, audit trail information, and applications designed for FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

ICONICS provides for the complete visibility and control, traceability and compliance requirements for your food and beverage manufacturing processes.

"The ICONICS GENESIS32 Software is so easy to use. DataWorX32 is a very understated component with a great deal of power. The graphics that can easily be created in GraphWorX are outstanding."

Senior Management Team,
UB McVitie's Glasgow Plant

Success Stories

ICONICS offers a Food and Beverage HMI/SCADA Solution tailored to IT and Management Roles. Watch this video to learn more about the technologies behind our visualization and automation solution.

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