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Energy AnalytiX - Advanced Energy Management Software
  Advanced Energy Management Software

In today’s competitive global economy, with soaring energy prices and increasing environmental regulations, the ability to quickly analyze and closely control operating costs has become more critical. Everyone is looking for ways to lower energy Costs, reduce Consumption and minimize their Carbon and environmental impact. Energy AnalytiX is an energy monitoring, energy analysis and energy management system (EMS) that delivers rich platform and browser-independent real-time visualization. It addresses any application from a single building to an entire campus or multi-site enterprise. Create IT firewall-friendly, secure custom energy dashboards and kiosks to view energy reports analyzing your energy consumption patterns resource usage and progress on sustainability. Site managers, building engineers or maintenance personnel can quickly and intuitively navigate and discover opportunities for improvement.

Energy AnalytiX collects energy meter data through the ICONICS GENESIS64 Universal Connectivity layer, which enables it to acquire data from electric, gas, fuel oil, steam, chilled water or any other meters through any available networking. Through web services and IEC protocols  it is able to interface to the smart grid for rate and other supply information.  It aggregates and records consumption data for long term archiving and continuous analysis and comparison.  The rate model configuration tools enable users to enter virtually any rate model that their utility contract defines, so that costs can be automatically derived and recorded for comparison to budgets, past performance and for validation of actual utility bills.


Advanced Energy Management Software

Key Features

Auto-Configuration Logic
  • Expedite deployment time and quickly connect to meters
  • Simply select the meter manufacturer and model number, and Energy AnalytiX does the rest
  • Generate meter configuration, device parameters and tags by leveraging the powerful AssetWorX infrastructure using a simple wizard.
  • Use aliases for device names, ports, server nodes and more to quickly deploy thousands of meters in no time

Degree Days Analysis

Normalize energy consumption trends based on weather data and other external factors.

Energy Star Reports
Streamline submission of data to Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager for energy, water, or IT energy usage reports.

Improved Big Data Charting

Take advantage of increased charting performance for better facilitating analysis of large amounts of consumption data in an easy-to-understand format.

Powerful reporting and
Built in calculations


Generate standard Cost, Consumption and Carbon reports.
Intuitively drill down to energy offenders.


Web-based Functionalities

Get rich Web visualization on any browser via Microsoft Silverlight, on Collaboration portals with Microsoft SharePoint, and on smartphones.


Scalable from a single location to an entire campus, ideal for any industry.


Receive text and e-mail alert notifications of excessive energy use, Anywhere, Anytime, on any device.

Universal Connectivity
  • OPC
  • BACnet
  • SNMP
  • Web Services
  • and more

Rate Schedules

Define flexible rate schedules for cost calculations and utility bill validation.


Organize your enterprise into an asset tree structure.
Automatically roll up energy use in accordance with a structure you define. For example,

View energy use by:
  • Equipment
  • Zone
  • Department
  • Floor
  • Building
  • Campus
Or by (for a manufacturing operation):
  • Unit of product
  • Product type
  • Production line
  • Plant

Aggregate all of your collected data to hourly, daily, monthly and yearly roll-ups. 

Normalized and Relative Consumption            

Define expressions that utilize both energy data and other monitored data. This way, normalized and relative energy data can also be stored and analyzed in order to provide not only consumption information but insight into the causes of abnormal consumption. 
For example, users can configure aggregation, charting and drill downs into detail on:

  • kWh/Ohr – kWh used per occupant hour
  • kWh/DegreeDay – kWh normalized to degree days
  • kWh/RuntimeHr – kWh used per hour of runtime
  • kWh/Cm – kWh used per Cubic meter of conditioned air produced
  • kWh/SqFt –  kWh used per square foot of floor space
  • CuFt/lb – cubic feet of gas used per pound of steam produced
  • kWh/Unit – kWh per unit of product produced

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