A Full Visualization System Integrated Into a Diskless, Embedded System


What is MachineWorX?

MachineWorXMachineWorX™ is designed for machine builders and OEMs serving all industries. If your application is process or discrete, ICONICS has the right automation product for you.

Machine builders and OEMs integrate MachineWorX into their product solutions to provide superior monitoring, control, alarming and real-time trending functionality. MachineWorX provides tools for building solutions tailored to the needs of machine builders, OEMs and integrators, enabling visualization, HMI, diagnostics and control of the overall machine operation. Fully integrated with industry standards such as OPC.

Features & Benefits

 Designed for OEMs and Machine Builders
Designed to run on a flash drive for the most rugged environments, and provides a very cost-effective diskless system.

 Vendor-Independent and Modular HMI Software
Truly hardware-independent application that can be used with virtually any embedded hardware device running Embedded NT or XP. MachineWorX can be easily and quickly integrated into any vendor's NT or XP embedded system.

 Visualization Software for Embedded Systems
Fifth-generation HMI/SCADA and control software applications designed for embedded systems.

Fast and easy integration into your product solutions using state-of-the-art technology.


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