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What is ProjectWorX32?

ProjectWorX™32 helps to simplify the management and deployment of ICONICS GENESIS32™ applications. Each separate component requires complex setup of many different types of configuration files, databases and OPC servers, as well as runtime and security settings. ProjectWorX32 acts a sort of "super configurator" that integrates all GENESIS32 applications into a single, easy-to-manage format. ProjectWorX32 uses Microsoft Visual SourceSafe®, allowing several people to collaborate on projects simultaneously.

Features & Benefits

 Intuitive Creation and Organizational Tools
Organize all GENESIS32 application files into separate projects. Create new GENESIS32 application files and OPC Server configurations.

 Import/Pack/Unpack Capabilities
Import application files into projects. Pack project files into a single compressed file and unpack project files for easy deployment to multiple computers. Also import and manage third-party applications.

 Start/Stop GENESIS32 Applications
Use ProjectWorX32 to start and stop applications, launch GENESIS32 system tools, or activate entire projects into Runtime mode.

 Support for ICONICS Configurators
Support for ICONICS ScriptWorX2010, SNMP, and Unified Data Manager Configurators. ProjectWorX32 can be updated to integrate with new or updated ICONICS applications.

 Global Find/Replace Utility
Search for and replace machine names and OPC tags throughout all project files.

 Publish to Web/Generate Reports
Use ProjectWorX32 to publish projects online or generate comprehensive report for all files and projects.

 Intuitive Creation and Organizational Tools
ProjectWorX™32 provides unmatched productivity and collaboration capabilities to ease project development . Its design aids systems integrators/users in project creation, management and deployment. Projects consisting of graphics screens, alarms, trends, scripts, OPC servers, etc can be organized and saved for use in other projects. ProjectWorX32 also provides development action logs to meet FDA/other regulations.

 Import/Pack/Unpack Capabilities
ProjectWorX32 has a powerful deployment utility called the Project Bundler where entire projects can be packed and deployed to other local or remote computers. When a project is "unpacked," the project directories are completely reconstructed on the target computer so the application can be up and running quickly, saving deployment costs.

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