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ScheduleWorX32 What is ScheduleWorX32?

ScheduleWorX™32 integrates GENESIS32™ HMI/SCADA applications with multiple I/O servers and clients or can function as a standalone application. It provides all the necessary tools, including easy-to-use configuration, runtime execution/monitoring and support for calendar schedules. When used with GENESIS32, ScheduleWorX32 provides support for remote Web monitoring of schedules, making online changes, and performing temporary or indefinite overrides of schedules from any GENESIS32 GraphWorX™32 operator console.

Features & Benefits

 Outlook-style Calendar
Easy to use Microsoft Outlook-style calendar for configuring events to manage your resources.

 GENESIS32 Integration
View schedules in GraphWorX32, WebHMI, and the Unified Data Manager. Browse available schedules in the Tree Explorer ActiveX and activate overrides from GraphWorX32 and WebHMI.

 Manual Schedule Overrides
Manually change the behavior of schedules by issuing a temporary or permanent override.

 Week-based Schedules
Allows the user to easily configure events that reoccur every week at specific times.

 Holiday Schedules
Define holiday dates which can be used to override behavior for multiple schedules.

 Exception Schedules
Flexible events that can be one time or recurring to change the behavior of your regular schedule.

 Powerful Calendar-based Scheduling
ScheduleWorX32 provides a powerful yet easy-to-use ActiveX calendar tool with Microsoft Outlook calendar capability. People familiar with Outlook will find it easy to create even the most complex schedules. Configuring schedules is remarkably simple yet very flexible. For scheduled sequences that are to be repeated daily or weekly, ScheduleWorX32 provides a week-based scheduling tool where you can specify the specific schedules to be executed.

 Web-enabled Scheduling for Remote Monitoring
When used with GENESIS32 and WebHMI, ScheduleWorX32 also provides support for remote monitoring of schedules, support for making some online changes, and support performing user-defined overrides of schedules from any GENESIS32 workstation. This support includes an easy-to-use tree control for schedule browsing and selection, and a calendar-based view of the selected schedule.

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