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User and Group-level Security

Security Server

What is Security Server?

Security Server is a software component for providing user and group-level security for your entire GENESIS32™ system. The powerful security server prevents unauthorized users from using the application. The GENESIS32 suite will not work if Security Server is not found or has been deleted from the computer.

Features & Benefits

 Default Security File
The installation of GENESIS32 Security Server comes with a default Security File that allows Maximum Rights to everyone. That means that if you do not configure the security, everyone will have full rights. This is allowed for testing and configuration of an application. Once you feel comfortable with the application, you may set the users and workgroups.

 User-Defined Groups/Individuals
Define as many groups and individuals as required by your project. Each one can have unique access restrictions on writing to OPC Data Points, which workstations they can log in from, which files they can view, how long they can log in for, and more.

 Multiple Group Assignment
Personnel can be assigned to multiple groups, and managing their accounts is easy with the tools offered in the Security Server Configurator.

 Set Restrictions
Further restrictions can be placed on individual actions within the various components of GENESIS32 (e.g., GraphWorX32, TrendWorX32, AlarmWorX32, etc.) on a per-user basis. For example, you can set that only Engineers can enter the development environment, and only QA Managers can add points to a Trend View. Simply add or subtract from the action list tree.

 System Logging
During runtime, the Security Server takes care of logging people into (and out of) the system, as well as reporting this information to the GEN-Event server.

 Support for Audit Trail
Audit trails can be logged and/or printed, as well as viewed on GENESIS32 workstations.

 User-Defined Groups/Individuals
The configuration tool can be used to restrict certain product features from certain custom groups and individuals based on who is logged into the computer during Runtime. Such examples could include user access to printing, reports, zooming, menu commands, screen switching, trend view manipulations, alarm acknowledgment and more.

 Set Restrictions
The ICONICS Security Server provides a variety of options for restricting operator actions during runtime, including which points they can write to (change value), which files they can open and time sheets for defining when they can log in. Additional options include password management, workstation access for logging in and client application action restrictions.

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