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AlarmWorX64 MMX

What is AlarmWorX64 MMX?

AlarmWorX™64 Multimedia (MMX) is the industry’s most complete and comprehensive OPC-submissive alarm management application. AlarmWorX64 MMX is a distributed, enterprise-wide alarm notification system that delivers real-time alarm information to the user. Choose from email, pager, fax, voice, text-to-speech, phone, software, and ethernet hardware marquees and more.

AlarmWorX64 Multimedia Enterprise Edition - The most comprehensive multimedia package for your enterprise operations. Comes with a complete set of agents including email, SMS, popup, hardware and software marquee, fax, speech, task tray, video, and phone agent with dial-in/dial-out.

AlarmWorX64 Multimedia Standard Edition - Multimedia package that connects to any OPC Alarm and Events server. Comes with our most popular agents including email, SMS, popup, hardware and software marquee, fax, speech, task tray, and video.

AlarmWorX64 Multimedia Lite - All the power of AlarmWorX64 Multimedia Standard, but specifically for use with the email and SMS agents.

Features & Benefits

 Scalable Enterprise-wide Design
Deploy to multiple targets: the latest Microsoft Windows, operating systems, web browsers and mobile devices.

 Web Enabled Alarming
Connect to AlarmWorX64 web viewers over the Internet or intranets to instantly view and acknowledge alarms.

 Telephone Voice Call-In and Out Alarming
Automatically notify or call-in using a standard or mobile phone.

 E-mail and Fax Alerts
Send alarm messages and acknowledgements over standard business communication tools.

 Scrolling Marquees and Pop-up Windows
Alert the operator using hardware and software via scrolling marquees and attention-grabbing pop-up window alerts, anytime, anywhere.

 Wireless 2-Way Paging for GSM & SMS
Receive and acknowledge messages on a wide range of wireless devices including pagers, Blackberry devices and mobile phones.

 Customizable Alarming
Easily customize alarm summary displays using areas, groups, filters, sorting and much more. Just drop the Alarm ActiveX into any published Web page and view alarms from the Web browsers. It has never been so easy to stay informed.

 Mobile Alarm Notifications
Away from the control room? Just check e-mail or fax. Install the email software on the PC containing AlarmWorX64 and alarms can be sent for the user acknowledgement. The Phone Agent supports SAPI v5.1 and TAPI. The email agent can now handle Alarm Notification and support Simple MAPI and SMTP.

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Downloading here may involve a time delay as there is an approval process, which requires a minimum of two business days. If you have a current ICONICS SupportWorX plan we recommend that you log onto the Customer Connection Portal for immediate product downloads.

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