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BACnet Connectivity

The most widely used open communications standard in the Building Automation Industry is BACnet. ICONICS GENESIS64TM is the first 64-bit Building Automation system to be certified to the highest level of BACnet Compliance, the B-AWS (BACnet Advanced Workstation Profile) by the independent BACnet Testing Laboratory. For our customers this certification provides:

  • The ability to modernize and automate most existing installed Building Automation systems by simply installing the software and connecting to the network
  • Freedom of Choice for the future- The ability to upgrade and extend current systems with building control hardware from any major supplier. Select the best and most cost advantageous control equipment currently available.
The achievement of this certification required the successful completion of in excess of 400 tests including the verification of interoperability with equipment from many vendors. The advanced functionality provided, and required by the B-AWS profile includes:
  • Alarm and Events – The ability to subscribe for, receive, filter, and support alarm acknowledgement from all BACnet compliant network equipment
  • Trending – Support for configuring trends in BACnet compliant devices and the ability to receive trend data sets for trend viewing and automatic merging into long term history
  • Building wide schedule coordination – Achieves the critical building function of creating and modifying a buildings automatic calendars and schedules, that are executed in compliant building control devices
  • Auto Discovery – The ability to scan all networks for new devices and new objects in devices and provide all necessary information to facilitate interoperability with all devices
  • High Speed, Optimized communication performance - The full list of network optimization features provided by BACnet to provide rapid response times and minimal bandwidth utilization are implemented.

The ICONICS Software Solutions include the following applications, all with full acess to all BACnet connected equipment.

GENESIS64TM - Building Automation Software - The most advanced 64-bit building automation software, with 3D and 2D visualization, multi-touch, gesture-enabled natural user interfaces, Web-enabled role-based dashboards, trending, unlimited alarm and event views and much more.

Energy AnalytiX® - Energy Monitoring and Management Software - Aggregates, organizes and normalizes resource consumption and resulting costs and carbon emissions. Powerful analytics apply calculations utilizing both meter data and data from other building, security and business systems to provide insight into opportunities for improvement.

Facility AnalytiX® - Apply Fault Detection and Diagnostics to any building equipment that is BACnet-connected. Continuously commission all equipment to assure constant operation at peak efficiency.

MobileHMITM - Monitor all BACnet data, and issue commands to any BACnet devices from any smartphone or pad

Below is the official  BACnet PICS Compliance statement from BACnet Testing Laboratories. A PDF Version can also be downloaded here

BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
GENESIS64 - Platform Services 10.7

Product Description:
GENESIS64 – Platform Services provides the ability to monitor and control BACnet devices over a BACnet/IP network, or through a BACnet router to any BACnet device.
BACnet Standardized Device Profile (Annex L): 
x BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS)
o BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS)
o BACnet Operator Display (B-OD)
o BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
o BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)
o BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
o BACnet Smart Sensor (B-SS)
o BACnet Smart Actuator (B-SA)
BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks (BIBBs) Supported:
Data Sharing
  • DS-RP-A           Data Sharing - Read Property - A
  • DS-RP-B           Data Sharing - Read Property - B
  • DS-RPM-A       Data Sharing - Read Property Multiple - A
  • DS-WP-A          Data Sharing - Write Property – A
  • DS-WP-B          Data Sharing - Write Property – B
  • DS-WPM-A      Data Sharing – Write Property Multiple - A
  • DS-COV-A        Data Sharing – COV – A
  • DS-AV-A           Data Sharing – Advanced View – A
  • DS-AM-A          Data Sharing – Advanced Modify - A
Alarm and Event Management
  • AE-N-A             Alarm and Event – Notification – A
  • AE-ACK-A         Alarm and Event – ACK – A
  • AE-ELV-A         Alarm and Event – Event Log View – A
  • AE-ELVM-A     Alarm and Event – Event Log View and Modify – A
  • AE-VN-A           Alarm and Event – View Notification – A
  • AE-AVN-A         Alarm and Event – Advanced View Notification – A
  • AE-AVM-A        Alarm and Event – Advanced View Modify – A
  • AE-ASV-A         Alarm and Event – Alarm Summary View – A
  • SCHED-AVM-A    Scheduling – Advanced View Modify – A
  • SCHED-VM-A      Scheduling – View Modify – A
  • T-V-A                Trending – Viewing – A
  • T-AVM-A           Trending – Advanced View and Modify – A
  • T-ATR-A            Trending – Automated Trend Retrieval – A
  • T-AMVR-A         Trending – Automated Multiple Value Retrieval – A
Device & Network Management
  • DM-DDB-A       Device Management – Dynamic Device Binding – A
  • DM-DDB-B       Device Management – Dynamic Device Binding – B
  • DM-DOB-A       Device Management – Dynamic Object Binding – A
  • DM-DOB-B       Device Management – Dynamic Object Binding – B
  • DM-ADM-A       Device Management – Automatic Device Mapping – A
  • DM-ANM-A       Device Management – Automatic Network Mapping – A
  • DM-MTS-A        Device Management – Manual Time Synchronization – A
  • DM-ATS-A        Device Management – Automated Time Synchronization – A
  • DM-DCC-A        Device Management – Device Communication Control – A
  • DM-RD-A          Device Management – Reinitialize Device – A
  • DM-BR-A          Device Management – Backup and Restore – A
  • DM-OCD-A       Device Management – Object Creation and Deletion – A
  • DM-LM-A          Device Management – List Manipulation – A
  • DM-LM-B          Device Management – List Manipulation – B
Segmentation Capability
x Able to transmit segmented messages      Window Size: Configurable
x Able to receive segmented messages       Window Size: Configurable
Standard Object Types Supported

Device Object
Dynamically creatable
Dynamically Delete-able
Optional Properties Supported
Write-able properties
Proprietary properties
Connect_Strings (Property ID 1005)
Device_Scan_Enable (Property ID 512, writable)
Local_Device_ID (Property ID 513)
Device_Scan_Status (Property ID 520)
File Object
Dynamically creatable
Dynamically Delete-able
Optional Properties Supported
Write-able properties
Proprietary properties
File_Name (Property ID 555)

Data Link Layer Options
Data Link
BACnet/IP (Annex J)
Can communicate as a Direct BACnet/IP device
Device Address Binding
Static Binding Supported
Networking Options:
x BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD)
            Does the BBMD support registrations by Foreign Devices?   x Yes    oNo
Character Sets Supported:
Character Sets supported
IBM Microsoft DBCS
ISO 8859-1

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