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TrendWorX64 What is TrendWorX64?

TrendWorX™64 is a plant-wide data collection, logging, charting, reporting and analysis solution. TrendWorX64 offers the tools needed to trend and chart real-time and historical data from any relational database.

TrendWorX64 Configurator
Based on the next generation for toolkits and part of the new GENESIS64 Unified Workbench, the new TrendWorX64 Configurator supports grouping via Databases and Logging groups. Configure an organizational hierarchy and import tags quickly through the Tag Import Wizard.

TrendWorX64 Viewer
View both real-time and historical trends in TrendWorX64 Viewer. Place the viewer in any GraphWorX64 display or Workbench Layout to show operators the data they need in a visually informative way. Choose from a variety of Plot types such as Line, Area, Bar, Circular and Pie. Choose a styling that matches the application and provides information to operators. Configure tabs and charts quickly and easily to allow easier access to information.

 Tag Import Wizard
Save time during the configuration of large amounts of data by using the wizard to import data quickly and easily while assigning names and automatically incrementing between data tags.

  Store and Forward
Enable this to protect critical data from network failures. Store and Forward allows data to be buffered in the TrendWorX64 Logger until it can be forwarded to central storage.

  Logging Groups
Manage data by configuring forced interval logging, batch tracking, logging start or stop conditions and table management.

  Runtime Operations
Take trends to the next level of control by using features such as editing trend periods, freezing trends, exporting pen data or statistics and zoom in to get more information.

  Runtime Freeze Mode
Use freeze mode to pause live data and then scan the data using a convenient period selection slider that appears.
 TrendWorX64 Logger
For dispersed databases where the TrendWorX64 Logger is centrally available and another is remotely connected, Store and Forward can be enabled easily to continue logging in the event of a network failure. Once the failure has been remediated and the remote Logger has a network connection, any data that has been buffered can be forwarded to the central logger for storage.

 Powerful Data Collection
Configure collection rates and settings with calculation periods down to milliseconds. When configuring Logging Groups users can specify start and stop settings by conditions, on intervals, or on logging time. Table Management allows new tables to be created by the same parameters as well. Use Force Interval Logging and Batch Tracking to organize data in an optimized way for any application.

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