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For 64-bit-based, multi-core, multi-processors applications that require advanced 3D Graphics and visualization, ICONICS offers GENESIS64. Taking advantage of 64-bit computing can greatly reduce engineering time, resulting in savings. GENESIS64 is the first and only HMI/SCADA software suite certified for both Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and compatible with Windows 7.

GENESIS64 provides a complete 360 degree view of your operations in real-time.


The products listed below are components of the GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA Automation Suite:

GraphWorX64™ - Design high powered intelligent vector graphics and publish to the web via WPF or Silverlight

AlarmWorX64™ - Respond to problems quickly and efficiently through advanced alarm management and notification

TrendWorX64™ - Collect and analyze historical data as well as view real-time trends

EarthWorX™ - Provide real-time geographical visualization of assets that are geographically separated

AssetWorX™ - Intelligent Asset Technology to organize any system, simplify engineering, and enhance navigation

GridWorX™ - Easily integrate data from any network connected database, and provide real-time grid visualization

Workbench - Centralized configuration with easy deployment for large-scale or redundant HMI/SCADA applications

FDDWorX™ - Predictive Fault Detection and Diagnostics to continuously commission any equipment or asset

*Hyper Historian™ - Release the power of this robust, scalable Plant Historian with industry standard data connectivity



For 32-bit platforms, ICONICS is committed to providing product improvements and added functionality to the GENESIS32 suite of HMI/SCADA and advanced visualization solutions for many years to come. With GENESIS32 and GENESIS64, ICONICS connects your plant-level operations to the enterprise, turning your real-time data into competitive advantage.

GENESIS32™ is the industry’s first and only fully scalable suite of OPC, SNMP, BACnet and Web-enabled HMI and SCADA applications. The GENESIS32 Automation Suite is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the entire range of Microsoft Windows® operating systems, including Windows 7, providing reliable integration with the most popular communication infrastructures. It delivers unparalleled ease-of-use, performance and cost savings due to its open standards-based design.

The products listed below are components of the GENESIS32 Automation Suite:

AlarmWorX32 and AlarmWorX32 Multimedia - Multimedia OPC Alarm Management Software
DataWorX32 - OPC Data Aggregation, Bridging, Redundancy and Tunneling
GraphWorX32 - Dazzling Animated Graphics for your HMI
ScriptWorX32 - Creation and Management of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 6.0 scripts
Security Server - User and Group-level Security
ScheduleWorX32 - Calendar-based Scheduling Tool
TrendWorX32 - Enterprise-wide data collection, logging, charting, reporting and analysis system
VCRWorX32 - Historical Plant and Business Data Replay
WebHMI - Web-based Real-time Automation Software


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