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AlarmWorX32 What is AlarmWorX32?

AlarmWorX™32 is a distributed enterprise-wide alarm and events (OPC A&E) management system. Available in the standard GENESIS32 suite of application or as a stand-alone Open Series component, AlarmWorX32 offers the tools needed to deliver real-time alarm information throughout your system. The AlarmWorX32 family of modular alarming products include the Alarm Container, Alarm Server, Alarm Logger, Alarm Viewer ActiveX, Alarm Report ActiveX and Multimedia Server.

Features & Benefits

 Alarm Container
Can host not only Live and Historical ActiveX controls, but also other third-party controls.

 Alarm Server and Server Configurator
Define your own alarms on any OPC data and/or expression (complex combinations of OPC data), choosing from analog limit alarms, deviation, rate-of-change, and digital alarms.

 Alarm Logger
Logs alarms to Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle databases. Print out information to one or even a redundant set of printers. Create alarm reports and calculations with Microsoft's built in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripting language.

 Live Alarm Viewer ActiveX
This is a current-events alarm ActiveX. Because this component is an ActiveX, it can be placed in any ActiveX container application, such as GraphWorX32, Microsoft Visual Basic, or a Web page.

 Alarm Report ActiveX
Easily creates filtered reports, pie charts, bar plots, and exports to custom Crystal Reports.

 Multimedia Server/MMX Alarm Server Configurator
See AlarmWorX32 Multimedia.

 Alarm Viewing
Includes global (centralized) alarm subscriptions, global alarm filters, updated GUI, access granted for those with normal user privileges, redundancy awareness (the ability to monitor alarms from redundant pairs of AlarmWorX32 Servers), support for Microsoft SQL 2005/2008 (Configuration and Logger databases).

 Alarm Logging/Reporting
The new AlarmWorX32 Logger features an added store and forward capability, ensuring data logging integrity even when the database server or the communications fail. Also featured is additional support for alarm logging to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 databases. The AlarmWorX32 Report ActiveX has an updated GUI, expression-based columns and an improved Animate/Deanimate function.

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