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Security Updates

ICONICS is committed to providing high-quality, secure products to its customers.

ICONICS recommends that users of GENESIS32, BizViz, or GENESIS64 take the following mitigation steps:

• Use a firewall, place control system networks and devices behind firewalls and isolate them from the business network.
• Restrict access to TCP Port 38080 and TCP Port 6002. If remote access is required, utilize secure methods such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
• Minimize network exposure for all control system devices. Control system devices should not directly face the Internet.
• Install the patch

Whitepaper on Security Vulnerabilities

The whitepaper available for download contains an overview, details and mitigation plan regarding buffer overflow and memory corruption vulnerabilities for ICONICS GENESIS32 and GENESIS64 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) products. 



V10.5 Security Patches

V9.2 Security Patches 

V9.1 Security Patches

V8.0 Security Patches 

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