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L'apprentissage est notre objectif majeur. Quel que soit votre niveau de compétence, nous proposons des formations adaptées à vos besoins. Les formations sont dispensées par des experts ICONICS qui vous aideront à améliorer vos connaissances et vous permettront d’atteindre les résultats attendus.

Tous les cours sont un enchaînement de formation théorique et de formation pratique. A chaque cours vous obtiendrez un manuel qui vous aidera à retrouver les connaissances vu pendant la formation.

Vous pouvez contacter ICONICS pour planifier une formation sur mesure pour répondre à vos besoins. Les cours ont lieu dans les locaux d’ICONICS partout dans le monde ou dans vos propres locaux.

Inscrivez-vous aujourd'hui en sélectionnant le nom du cours de votre choix ci-dessous.

Packaged - Course Listing

* 5-Day packaged courses.
CourseDescriptionDurationCourse # ▲
GENESIS32 Combined Package4GENESIS32™ Standard (TR-GEN32-301) and GENESIS32 Add-Ons (TR-Gen32-203) combined.5 daysTR-PKG-504
GENESIS32 StandardThis course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the GENESIS32™ Automation Suite. It will allow you to visualize and control your automation process in five-days. You will become comfortable with OPC architecture and GENESIS32 modules including: GraphWorX™32, Workbench™32, AlarmWorX™32, TrendWorX™32, Aliasing, Unified Data Manager, Security, creating Web-based applications, Enterprise Reporting, Charting and Analysis as well as Multimedia Alarm notification. Emphasis is placed on SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) aspects of the product. Upon completion of the course, students will have the ability to configure, operate and maintain a GENESIS32 system.5 daysTR-PKG-505
GENESIS32 & BizViz Combined Package6GENESIS32 Standard (TR-GEN32-301) and BizViz Standard (TR-BizViz-103) combined.5 daysTR-PKG-506
Systems Integrator Gear-Up – BuildingsThis class is designed for System Integrators that deliver Building Automation and Advanced Analytics solutions for facilities. The class covers high level design and methodology to help our partners deliver successful solutions while optimizing their labor.  In addition the class provides basic product training for GENESIS64 and AnalytiX.5 daysTR-PKG-508-BA
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Extended - Course Listing

CourseDescriptionDurationCourse #
GENESIS64 Course 2Through a combination of lecture and hands-on training this five day course teaches students how to deploy the ICONICS AnalytiX® solutions which aggregate, normalize and provide analytics for consumers to identify immediate opportunities for efficiency improvement. Students will also configure a high availability solution using Hyper Historian with Redundancy and finish with generating and publishing robust reports using ReportWorX.5 daysTR-CRS-502
GENESIS64 Course 1Acquérir les compétences de base nécessaires pour déployer AssetWorX, les tableaux de bord, les caractéristiques avancée GraphWorX64 et les add-ons, y compris MobileHMI, Hyper Historian et BridgeWorX.5 daysTR-CRS-501

GENESIS64 - Course Listing

* 2-Day courses. It is recommended that each student has comprehensive GENESIS64 knowledge prior to attending 2-day courses.
CourseDescriptionDurationCourse # ▲
GENESIS64 Add-OnsLearn how to leverage ICONICS’ robust add-ons to wow your end users with exhilarating reporting using the ReportWorX™ module. Experience the high performance and feature rich Hyper Historian data logger. Learn to utilitize the state of the art ISA 95 compliant AssetWorX technology along with web-based Dashboards and how to pull it all together with an introduction to scripting.2 daysTR-GEN64-201
GENESIS64 Advanced FeaturesThis course focuses on GENESIS64 AssetWorX, Dashboards, GraphWorX64 Advanced features and EatthWorX64.  Learn about Equipment Classes, Commanding, PortalWorX, Smart Tiles, the Pivot Control and much, much more.  2 daysTR-GEN64-202
Hyper Historian with RedundancyThis course teaches the skills necessary to configure and run Hyper Historian redundant servers interfaced with local and remote 64-bit or 32-bit collectors. Also, learn to extract the logged data using SQL queries developed easily with GridWorX and view the logged data using TrendWorX64 viewer control embedded in your graphics.2 daysTR-GEN64-203
GENESIS64 Combined Package1GENESIS64™ Standard (TR-GEN64-301) and GENESIS64 Add-Ons (TR-GEN64-201) combined.5 daysTR-PKG-501
GENESIS64 Combined Package2GENESIS64 Standard (TR-GEN64-301) and GENESIS64 Advanced Features (TR-GEN64-202) combined.5 daysTR-PKG-502
GENESIS64 Combined Package3GENESIS64 Standard (TR-GEN64-301) and AssetWorX, Dashboards and Hyper Historian™ with Redundancy (TR-GEN64-203) combined.5 daysTR-PKG-503
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AnalytiX - Course Listing

* 2-day courses. It is recommended that each student has comprehensive GENESIS64 knowledge prior to attending 2-day courses.
CourseDescriptionDurationCourse # ▲
AnalytiX Add-OnsThis course focuses on a building theme, Through a combination of lecture and hands-on training, during this two day course students will learn how to deploy the ICONICS AnalytiX® solutions which aggregate, normalize and provide analytics for consumers to identify immediate opportunities for efficiency improvement. Students will also generate and publish robust reports using ReportWorX.2 daysTR-AF-AX-201-BA
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GENESIS32 - Course Listing

CourseDescriptionDurationCourse # ▲
GENESIS32 Scripting and AutomationThis course is dedicated to scripting and automation in the GENESIS32 environment. Learn to use Microsoft® VB and VBA Scripting with GENESIS32 modules, including GraphWorX™32, TrendWorX™32 and AlarmWorX™32. The ScriptWorX™32 module is thoroughly reviewed.2 daysTR-GEN32-202
GENESIS32 Add-OnsThis course covers our popular WebHMI thin client interface. You will also practice through hands on training on the powerful, high speed Hyper Historian data logger. The course completes by generating reports from the Hyper Historian logged data using the popular ReportWorX reporting toolset.2 daysTR-GEN32-203
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BizViz - Course Listing

CourseDescriptionDurationCourse # ▲
BizViz StandardThis BizViz Standard course covers ReportWorX reporting, BridgeWorX™ data integration/interface management, PortalWorX™ collaboration platform and Alarm Analytics™.2 daysTR-BizViz-201
BizViz Productivity AnalyticsThis course is dedicated to Productivity Analytics in the GENESIS32 environment. Learn how GENESIS32 modules interact with BPA to generate reports on real-time/historical availability, performance and quality for your assets.3 daysTR-BizViz-301
BizViz Combined Package7BizViz Productivity Analytics (TR-BizViz-301) and BizViz Standard (TR-BizViz-201) combined.5 daysTR-PKG-507
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By Request Only - Course Listing

CourseDescriptionDurationCourse # ▲
GENESIS64 StandardLearn the core skills required to configure and operate a GENESIS64 system. Topics such as AlarmWorX64™, TrendWorX64™, GraphWorX64™ 2D, Global Aliasing, Language Aliasing, WebHMI™ and Security will be presented. Also includes exposure to many new features.3 daysTR-GEN64-301
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Other - Course Listing

CourseDescriptionDurationCourse # ▲
OPC ToolWorX StandardOPC ToolWorX™3 daysTR-CRS-502TR-OPC-301
FacilityWorX StandardTR-FWX-4012 daysTR-FWX-401
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Training Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your registration provided you notify ICONICS by emailing orders@iconics.com at least 10 business days in advance of the first day of the class. All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to orders@iconics.com. In the event you cannot cancel your registration within the allowed timeframe, you will be responsible for the full charges of the class. In this case, you will be able to attend another comparable ICONICS class over the immediately following four-month period.