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GENESIS32 & BizViz Combined Package6 - 5 Days

GENESIS32 & BizViz Combined Package6 - 5 Days
Course Number:  TR-PKG-506
Price:  $2,195 (Discounted)
Duration:  5 Days

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GENESIS32 Combined Package6

GENESIS32 Standard

Course Description: 
This course is a three-day overview of GENESIS32™. This course covers OPC architecture and fundamentals of the GENESIS32 Automation Suite, including: ProjectWorX™32, GraphWorX™32, TrendWorX™32 and AlarmWorX™32. Emphasis is placed on SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) aspects of the product. Upon completion of the course, students will have the ability to configure, operate and maintain a GENESIS32 system.

What You Will Learn in Class: 
  • How to use GraphWorX32, TrendWorX32, and AlarmWorX32 to developing a realistic SCADA and HMI project including alarming, historical data, and graphical interfacing.
  • Pack and deploy your GENESIS32 projects with WorkBench32. Develop on one machine and easily deploy to many
  • Secure your GENESIS32 SCADA system with ICONICS Security.
  • GENESIS32 Architecture
  • AlarmWorX32 Server
  • Alarm Viewer ActiveX
  • AlarmWorX32 Logger
  • Alarm Report ActiveX
  • TrendWorX32 SQL Logger
  • Trend Viewer ActiveX
  • GraphWorX32 Configuration and Connection Types
  • GraphWorX32 Layers and Templates
  • Global Aliasing
  • Unified Data Manager
  • Unified Data Browser
  • Use Global, Local and Language Aliasing to learn how to develop projects fast and easy

Who Needs to Attend:
Professionals who need to become productive GENESIS32 developers.

Experience with Microsoft® Windows® applications and prior hands-on experience with industrial automation devices.

BizViz Standard

Course Description: 
Through a combination of lecture and hands-on training this 2 day BizViz Standard course covers ReportWorX™ reporting, BridgeWorX™ data integration / interface management, PortalWorX™ collaboration platform and Alarm Analytics™.
What You Will Learn in Class:
  • Develop and administer reporting (ReportWorX) and data bridging (BridgeWorX) applications with which users can interact locally or via the Web
  • Design report templates pulling data from a GENESIS32™ SCADA system, Microsoft® SQL Server® databases, parameters and Web Services
  • Design data transactions to move data between OPC servers and databases, including transactions based on user input parameters
  • Configure scheduling and triggering actions to run reporting and data-management systems automatically or based on user demand
  • Configure a delivery system that will allow reports to reach their audience automatically
  • Interact with the ReportWorX and BridgeWorX systems from a Web interface
  • A quick introduction to Alarm Analytics and PortalWorX including a variety of out-of-the-box reports and configurations  
Who should attend:
Professionals who seek to develop solutions using ICONICS' BizViz™ Suite of products. Students will have needs to efficiently manage reporting systems, integrate data flow between real-time and business-system data sources, and to create Web-enabled and wireless visualization and collaborative control environments to efficiently interface with information for better decision making and improved operational productivity. 

Experience with Microsoft® Windows® XP or later. Familiarity with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), ODBC databases, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, SharePoint Services, GENESIS32, and WebHMI is also helpful.

Training Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your registration provided you notify ICONICS by emailing orders@iconics.com at least 10 business days in advance of the first day of the class. All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to orders@iconics.com. In the event you cannot cancel your registration within the allowed timeframe, you will be responsible for the full charges of the class. In this case, you will be able to attend another comparable ICONICS class over the immediately following four-month period.