AAPG E-Symposium: "Wind Farm Operations: Current Practices and Future Trends"

ICONICS has recently participated in an E-Symposium sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), in coordination with analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan. The Webcast, titled “Wind Farm Operations: Current Practices and Future Trends”, includes presentations by Roberta Gamble, Director of the Energy and Power Supplies Group at Frost & Sullivan, and Russ Agrusa, Founder, CEO and President of ICONICS. During the approximately one hour session, Gamble and Agrusa discuss the opportunities available to those in the oil/gas/petrochemical industry in pursuing wind energy technology. Also covered are tax credits, predictive maintenance options and GEO Productivity Portal technology.


Realize the Power of OPC-UA

The OPC-UA (Unified Architecture) standard offers a common data model and device communication platform for plant to enterprise data connectivity by leveraging the power of Microsoft .NET and Web services. A robust, secure and scalable expansion of the highly successful basic COM/DCOM-based OPC standard communication protocol, OPC-UA allows the interoperability of best-of-breed, real-time alarm management and historian systems.


3D HMI/SCADA Made Easy

This Webcast will focus on the ease of creating 3D HMI applications with GraphWorX64. GraphWorX64 represents a quantum leap in HMI/SCADA visualization. Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML are at the core of GraphWorX64 and are widely used to provide real-time visualization of any manufacturing, building control and business intelligence information. GraphWorX64 exploits both the 2D and extensive 3D capability of WPF to deliver real-time data in a variety of visualization options giving users the richest client user experience found today.


GEO SCADA to Pinpoint Enterprise Performance in Real-Time

EarthWorX™, part of ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA suite, is geographical information SCADA technology that provides real-time visualization to widely dispersed assets such as water plants, building facilities, factories, oil fields and many others. ICONICS’ unique SmartPin technology allows for an intuitive drill-down capability to quickly view alarm conditions and status for any location around the world. Within seconds, assets performance, issues, or alarm conditions can be identified and located through GENESIS64's integration with Microsoft’s Bing Maps in real-time.


Historical Data Management, Visualization and Reporting

ICONICS’ Hyper Historian is a new, high-speed, reliable and robust enterprise-wide real-time data historian designed from the ground up to collect and log data in excess of 150,000 tags per second from a large number of data sources, including OPC-UA, OPC DA, SNMP, databases, BacNET and many more. Learn how Hyper Historian’s Web-enabled Workbench framework can be used to provide both a configuration and real-time visualization environment for charting, reporting, analysis and historical data trend replay. The Workbench also includes productivity tools for source control, project management and application deployment. 


Improve Your Bottom Line with Energy Analytics 

Reduce your Energy Consumption in a matter of days. Energy Analytics offers actionable intelligence that helps customers make better decisions for the future. This Webcast will highlight ways to reduce energy consumption, aggregate and summarize energy usage by location, and forecast energy costs over time by applying analytic software solutions. These solutions help companies to become more “green”, reduce their overall carbon footprint through optimizations made to energy consumption.


Maximize Operational Productivity with OEE Solutions

Track real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) such as OEE, first pass yield, availability, uptime, cycle time and many more. This session will highlight customer and partner case studies to illustrate the flexibility of ICONICS solutions for operations engaged in “Lean” initiatives for continuous improvement of throughput, quality and asset utilization.


Reporting and Data Integration for Real-time Plant Systems

Reporting and integrating information between enterprise and factory floor applications can be a challenge. ICONICS’ ReportWorX and BridgeWorX solutions can make this easier to achieve than ever before. In this session, you will learn how to create and schedule graphical workflow configurations that facilitate data integration between real-time devices and business systems, as well as how to create simple reports of your real-time production information.


Software to Integrate, Visualize and Simplify Your Building Automation Systems

Large facilities and campuses have building controls systems from multiple vendors. Communications between these systems can be difficult at best. Learn how to integrate, visualize and use open standards to monitor and simplify your existing building automation systems.

Staying Connected with HMI for Windows 7 Phone

MobileHMI from ICONICS delivers real-time rich visualization and KPI alerts directly to wireless devices. With support for over 400 wireless devices MobileHMI is the most versatile software platform for staying in touch with your building and manufacturing operations. Now with the added support for Microsoft Windows Phone 7, the MobileHMI application can deliver real-time alerts, trends, and events.

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