ICONICS Vision 360° Worldwide Tour brings customers, systems integrators, OEMS and channel partners to experience the latest breakthroughs in industrial and building automation software solutions.

We will showcase customer presentations that leverage the latest Microsoft® technologies, including Office 2010, SharePoint™, Silverlight™, Windows® Server 2008, Windows® Phone 7 and Windows® 7. You will also gain valuable insight into how an investment in the GENESIS64™, AnalytiX™ and BizViz™ products provides a 360° vision of productivity for global operations today and in the decades ahead.

Breakout sessions will deliver insight into realizing efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the industries represented by ICONICS customers.
Meet, learn and share with ICONICS technical experts and customers for the worldwide collaboration event of the decade.

NOTE: Please, visit the Registration page if you would like to see and download a detailed agenda for each location.

Anticipated attendees include executive management, operational personnel, engineering professionals, plant managers, facility managers, automation and control engineers and IT managers, integrators, OEMs and channel partners.

Below are reviews from participants in the Vision 360° Summit in Newport, RI, USA,



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