ICONICS continues to expand its Manufacturing Intelligence Product offerings, with the announcement of BizViz 9.22.


BizViz V9.22 is a service pack release for V9.21, as well as a full installation release for V9.22 that includes over 50 enhancements for BizViz V9.2 – which was recently enhanced with many new features including:
·         New Workbench32™ that Enables ReportWorX™ and BridgeWorX™ with Easy Web-based Configuration
·         New Software Licensing mechanism including support for Productivity Analytics
·         ReportWorX New featuresinclude:
o    New native support for Office 2007 and Office 2010 templates and reports
o    New Pack & Go Project Deployment Management via Workbench32
o    Enhanced support for customizing the Report Filename in ReportWorX
o    Integrated Text File Parser, XML Parser, and Trend Export template data sources
·         BridgeWorX New featuresinclude:
o    New BridgeWorX block that allows you to read and transform OPC HDA data from any OPC HDA compliant server into a standard relational database
o    New Pack & Go Project Deployment Management via Workbench32
o    Improved performance of loading Transaction Diagrams
·         PortalWorX™ New featuresinclude:
o    Enhancements for 64-bit operating systems
o    Support for 64-bit SharePoint
·         Productivity Analytics New features include:
o    New Asset OEE Comparison Chart for doing side-by-side analysis
o    New Chart Data Aggregation to Analyze data by Month, Week, Day or by a Shift or Period
o    New Filtering for the Downtime Audit Report Object
o    Simplified Duplication of Assets in the Asset Tree
o    New Print Support for all Productivity Analytics Charts
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