ICONICS Delivers Market Leading Energy Management Solutions Using Microsoft SQL Server StreamInsightâ„¢


A joint whitepaper/case study on ICONICS’ use of Microsoft’s StreamInsight™ technology in its Energy AnalytiX® energy monitoring/analysis/management system is now featured on the following Microsoft Web sites:
  • MSDN: Click Here to read and review and download the Next Generation Energy and Manufacturing Analytics Word document.
  • TechNet: Click Here

Today, businesses and organizations need to pay more and more attention to energy usage, as customers and the general public are becoming increasingly concerned about a respectful and sustainable use of resources. Organizations therefore need to carefully manage their use of energy and provide better visibility into their energy consumption. In this paper, we discuss how software solutions can help address these challenges.

Besides providing some background on the drivers behind energy management, the paper discusses how organizations manage their use of energy with current product and service offerings from Microsoft and ICONICS. In the main body of the paper, a case study explains in depth how ICONICS Energy AnalytiX® is using Microsoft data platform components such as SQL Server StreamInsight to deliver market leading energy management solutions.

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