ICONICS Announces New Water AnalytiX

Water AnalytiX with Predictive and Reporting Solutions for the Water Industry

Ft Worth, Texas – Texas Water 2011 – April 5, 2011 – ICONICS, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner of the Year and provider of Web-enabled SCADA solutions for the water industry, with over 1,500 installed and operating Water and Wastewater automation systems, announced a new Water AnalytiX™ software solution. This new solution quickly turns vast amounts of real-time and historical data into valuable information to drive continuous improvement. The software’s powerful capabilities predict when equipment failures may most likely occur. Water AnalytiX will provide automatic guidance via a list of causes sorted by probability, resulting in reduced downtime and costs related to diagnostics and repair.

Water AnalytiX is based on ICONICS’ Hyper Historian™ with its high speed performance and large data volume capability. It offers state-of-the-art Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology, identifies equipment and energy inefficiencies and provides possible causes that help in predicting plant operations. The new Water AnalytiX solution is built to leverage Microsoft Silverlight® and Microsoft SQL Server®. With Water AnalytiX, one can provide role-based analytics and intelligence across operations and the water-based enterprise. Easily customizable Web portals enable comprehensive, personalized visibility of your operations, maintenance and financial information, to help make decisions. Visualize your enterprise from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

“Water AnalytiX, using FDD technology, predicts critical equipment faults before they occur. If faults do occur, it can provide a list of causes sorted by probability, to facilitate quick resolution and minimize downtime. The ability to act on a potential problem results in an instant cost savings for all,” states Russ Agrusa, ICONICS President and CEO. “Adding Water AnalytiX, with our other Analytics products, provides the most advanced analytical solutions for water and waste water automation.” Designed around the S95 standard for data exchange and FDD technology for continuous commissioning to your operations, Water AnalytiX includes the following major features:

• Role-based Portal for Analysis & Forecasting
• Water Operations and Enterprise Reporting
• Integration of Financial & Operational Data
• Interfaces with Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, Oracle and IBM databases
• Predict, Reduce and Eliminate Equipment Downtime Before it Happens
• Reduces Equipment Downtime, Improves Operational Efficiency by 50%
• Reduces Energy and Maintenance Costs by Asset Optimization
• Uses Microsoft SharePoint® Collaboration and Social Networking Technology
• Be Notified “Anywhere, Anytime and On Any Platform” with Microsoft Silverlight®
• Real-time Alerts of Faults Using Email, SMS Messages and Web Browsers
• Advanced Notifications of Probable Causes for Improved Reliability and Control

“The combination of increased regulatory reporting requirements, along with the need to simplify project justification, stimulates the market demand for automation tools capable of maximizing operational efficiency and reducing costs of new water and wastewater projects”, according to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. “These automation tools, such as ICONICS’ Water AnalytiX, meet this market demand by providing the required information necessary through visualization and reporting solutions that can have the most dramatic effect on the profitability and asset utilization of water-related projects.”

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