ICONICS Announces WIND SCADA Pack for Renewable Energy

Wind Packs focus on GEO SCADA, Historian and Visualization

Brussels, Belgium – EWEA – March 14, 2011 – ICONICS, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner of the Year and provider of Web-enabled, industrial visualization software for Microsoft Windows® operating systems, announced plans for a Wind SCADA Pack for Renewable Energy software solution. In realtime, users can monitor and control remote operations, such as those involving turbines and other remote generation sites. Access accurate, up-to-the-minute information including live weather and meteorological updates and decide what is important to you with fully configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Comparing production reports against historical information helps towards making more accurate forecasts.

The ICONICS Wind SCADA Pack will allow users to create rich 2D and 3D GEO SCADA visualization and reports with integrated real-time and historical geographical terrain maps, enabling a quick overview of multiple operations and plants located anywhere in the world. Deployed and personalized over the Web and delivered to any platform, the software will be enabled via Microsoft SharePoint® and Silverlight® technology.

ICONICS’ high performance GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA is the core of this new solution, providing a sustainable, competitive advantage. Designed for open connectivity via OPC, Modbus, BACnet and IEC61400-25, the software allows for the integration of equipment, plant and business data into a single unified plant operations’ view and provides command and control of the energy system. Operators will have a secure and instant response to energy, environmental and business demands.

GEO SCADA is a core technology in ICONICS’ Wind SCADA Pack solution combining scalable mapping technology with classic supervisory control and data acquisition. For operations with geographically dispersed assets, GEO SCADA offers real-time, scalable, secure visualization and tracking of assets via GPS coordinates. ICONICS' unique SmartPin™ technology allows for an intuitive drill-down capability to quickly view alarm conditions and status for any location around the world. Within seconds, asset performance, issues, or alarm conditions can be identified and located through integration with Microsoft's Bing® Maps.

A key component to the Wind SCADA Pack is a robust high speed historian for data logging. Operators rely on real-time HMI/SCADA and condition monitoring to keep equipment at optimal efficiency. Turbine information including wind speed, wind direction, power, blade position, temperatures and vibrations are instantly data logged, visualized and analyzed.

“With organizations looking for ways to manage their renewable energy assets and manage sustainability operations, being able to collect and visualize the real-time information is important,” stated Joost Verhofstad, ICONICS Business Development Manager for Renewable Energy. “Many companies do not know where to start or what tools to use. That is why we are introducing Wind SCADA.”

ICONICS HMI/SCADA solutions are not just for wind, but can be utilized in all areas of renewable energy such as:
     • Wind Farms
     • Turbine Warranty Management
     • Solar Power Plants
     • Hydro Electric
     • Tidal Systems
     • Bio Gas
     • Fuel Cell Operation
     • Landfill Gasification

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ICONICS Background Information

ICONICS, Microsoft award winning, Gold Certified Partner of the Year provides solutions to improve productivity, reduce integration time and operating costs and optimize asset utilization with visualization and automation software. Founded in 1986, ICONICS has 250,000 installations in over 60 countries worldwide. ICONICS meets the demanding application challenges of the automotive, building automation, food and beverage, government infrastructure, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, utilities and water/wastewater industries. As a managed Microsoft ISV Partner, ICONICS designs its solutions to leverage Microsoft technologies including multiple Windows platforms (including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008) Microsoft .NET, Silverlight, SQL and SharePoint Portal Server. ICONICS is the honored recipient of multiple Microsoft awards and achievements.

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