ICONICS Introduces Energy Management Software Solution


Las Vegas, NV – AHR Expo – January 31, 2011 – ICONICS, a leading supplier of building and manufacturing automation software, introduced Energy AnalytiX™ software. ICONICS has expanded its powerful offering of enterprise productivity and efficiency software solutions to include a complete set of applications for monitoring energy Cost, Consumption and the discharge of Carbon into the environment.

Energy AnalytiX provides an easy-to-deploy calculation, aggregation, analysis and visualization tool set that provides the information facility managers need to take decisive action, to reduce and manage utility costs, as well as minimize carbon footprints. Users gain insight into energy consumption patterns and can access information from the control room, office, home or phone as visualization is delivered via the latest Web 2.0 and Microsoft Silverlight® technologies.

The system provides a global view of an entire enterprise or monitors individual zones. When overconsumption is suspected, users can navigate to the primary causes of energy inefficiency. With rollup calculations, the user can easily analyze groups of consumers within the same dimension. Data can be normalized by driving variables such as runtime, occupancy, square footage, or OAT, so that data is comparative and meaningful. Users create custom KPIs and visualization dashboards as well as specialized reports using Energy AnalytiX. Reports can be scheduled based on Date, Time, Value, Alert or on User Adhoc Requests. Operators can be notified of energy issues via SMS, Email or Phone Alerts.

Torsten Grabs, Lead Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation, said “We are very excited about the use of Microsoft StreamInsight™ in ICONICS’ Energy AnalytiX solution. StreamInsight’s Complex Event Processing engine has been designed to continuously process and analyze large amounts of time-critical sensor-born data; and energy efficiency is a key scenario where those capabilities matter. By adopting Microsoft StreamInsight, actionable results are available immediately to increase energy efficiency and to reduce operational cost.”

Managers of commercial or government buildings, campuses and industrial plants have a revolutionary, smart Web-based energy solution that is easy to apply, configure and operate. Built on BACnet and OPC communication standards, Energy AnalytiX provides universal data connectivity and integration to a wide variety of BMS systems, building equipment and metering.

Energy AnalytiX benefits include:

  • Efficiently Collect, Record and Calculate Energy Data
  • Visualize and Analyze Energy Performance Intuitively
  • Drill Down into Causes of Abnormal Energy Use
  • Easy to Deploy and Connect to Most BMS and Metering Systems
“Energy AnalytiX is the solution Chief Sustainability Officers and Facility Managers have been waiting for,” states Gary Kohrt, ICONICS Vice President of Marketing and Product Marketing. “The ability to monitor, compare, and associate energy use with the factors that drive its consumption typically results in almost immediate savings for our customers.”

“Users seek a better understanding of energy consumption by deploying tools to visualize and report the data and information that will have a most dramatic effect on profitability and asset utilization,” according to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. “Solutions such as ICONICS’ Energy AnalytiX provide the energy consumption visualization and reporting tools, which help users increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.”

Download the Word .doc format of the press release HERE.

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