Instant KPIs and Alerts, Anytime, Anywhere. Now for Windows 8!

MobileHMI No for Windows 8

MobileHMI for Windows 8 brings the power of the GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA solutions to most advanced tablet technology now available. Real-time access to critical data in manufacturing, industrial and building operations is now available to maintenance technicians, operators, and executives on the move.

Users can visualize plant operations from Windows 8 devices with dazzling, fully animated graphics, or respond to alarms and alerts in real time. They can utilize natural multi-touch gestures to swipe through operations and zoom or drill down into areas that need attention most. ICONICS MobileHMI™ allows users to achieve instant, one-touch access to operational conditions of concern or KPIs of interest. The Search charm allows users to explore and identify all available information on topics of interest. With MobileHMI, users are made immediately aware of critical alerts (notifications) that are delivered to mobile devices and displayed on the Start screen via the MobileHMI live tile.

In addition to visualization, users can securely command changes such as set points or change of state. Multi-touch capability can secure command operations, by requiring that an unlock touch is sensed from one finger, while the actual command is made by the touch of another finger.

The ICONICS’ app for Windows 8 fully integrates with and communicates with, ICONICS GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA and Building Automation Servers. This integration enables OPC, OPC-UA, BACnet, SNMP, and Modbus TCP/IP compliance, helping ensure that data from virtually any plant, building, equipment or system is virtually immediately viewable on a Windows 8 device. ICONICS offers a packaged server/app solution that can be plugged on top of almost any plant control network or building automation system network to make it virtually immediately accessible from Windows 8 devices.

Mobile HMI delivers Instant Data, KPIs and Alerts. Now for Windows 8! (Preview App)

Features Benefits
Access KPIs from your Windows 8 Tablet.............. Visualize business performance at all times, improving enterprise-wide communications. Executives, Operators and Maintenance receive KPIs and alarms instantly on their Windows 8 Tablet without needing to go back to their office.
Fast Setup with Configuration Wizards.................. Define your data on the server and personalize your Navigation menus for the device. Filter historical OPC tags, create groups and expressions.
Visualize Graphics, Alarms and Assets.................. Take advantage of the new tablet sized screen space with informative graphics, a touch optimized alarm viewer and drill-down asset capability.
Favorites, Browsing and Caching........................... Add any graphic, alarm subscription or asset to your favorites or pin it to the main screen of your Windows 8 Tablet. Use browsing and caching to find other displays and keep a local copy for faster reload speeds!

Universal Data Access on Any Mobile Device
MobileHMI for Windows 8 uses innovative universal connectivity and is built on industry open standards such as OPC Classic, OPC Unified Architecture, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus and Web Services. Simply plug MobileHMI into any existing BAS, SCADA or IT network, to immediately enable instant real-time access. Automatic device discovery makes it easy to point to your equipment or databases, and start realizing value.

Your Information on Any Glass, Any TimeTM
Configure exactly what information you wish to display on your tablet device. MobileHMI for Windows 8 is able to display real-time alarming, live & historical values, and additional information from Microsoft SQL Server, Excel and other databases.

Visualize, Analyze, Mobilize, Cloud