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  Full-time and Internship Software Development Opportunities


Advanced User Interfaces:
Work with an advanced development team to create compelling User Interfaces for real-time manufacturing and automation systems. User interfaces include integration of Multi touch, touch input devices, using Microsoft Kinect and other gaming devices for real-time control and GUI applications.
Smart Phone and Tablet Real-time Applications:
Work with a team of Smart phone experts to create real-time manufacturing, industrial and building automation applications for our newest MobileHMI™ product.  Help create advanced cloud based applications for popular iPhone, iPAD, Windows Phone and Android based devices.
Real-time 3D Visualization and Human Machine Interfaces:
Create new ground breaking 3D designs for our flagship GraphWorX64™ Visualization product used in real-time industrial and other applications. Write 3D CAD based algorithms and help enhance our interactive real-time 3D products. Project will include creating algorithms for collision detection, polygon reduction, integrated GUI devices and 3D graphics algorithms and much more.
Sustainability and Predictive Automation Software Solutions:
Work with a team of experts creating sustainability and energy solutions. Research advanced User interfaces and solutions for our Energy, Water and Facility AnalytiX® products. Projects include database design, algorithm development for fault Detection, predictive systems, energy and sustainability.
Cloud Computing for Real-time Manufacturing and Building Automation:
Research and help develop cutting edge cloud based applications for our sustainability and Energy AnalytiX® products. Create firewall and IT friendly secure based cloud technologies which will help propel our products to new markets.
We are seeking highly talented and passionate individuals who think out of the box and enjoy creating ground breaking software designs and architectures. Those who take on product research and can innovate and communicate their ideas and who look forward to becoming a leading technical expert.

Candidate Requirements

Candidates will be required to interview and to create a simple project using Visual Studio and C#. Other requirements include:
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science; PhD a plus
Passion for Computer Graphics
Knowledge of Visual Studio, C# and C++
Artistic and GUI skills a plus
Good communications skills
Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk Maya a plus
Object oriented programming
Database design and programming
XML / Web Services programming
Silverlight or Flash programming a plus
Knowledge of Microsoft .Net
3D or computer graphics programming
Knowledge of Cloud computing

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