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IoT World Tour
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a reality today. Learn how new IoTWorX™ software technology from ICONICS securely connects your equipment data to the cloud today, directly from your existing automation systems. Enable cloud historian, web visualization, analytics, alarm management, fault detection and diagnostics, and bi-directional control for complete contextualization of your data. Make the invisible visible and achieve process improvement across your enterprise assets. Simply add ICONICS’ IoTWorX software technology to start building smarter digital business operations now via a wide array of IoT gateway devices. Join us and see how simple IoT can be.



IEAS 2017

Start Date: 19 септември 2017 г.
End Date: 22 септември 2017 г.
Venue: Bucharest, Romania

BOMA Toronto Fall Golf Classic

Start Date: 25 септември 2017 г.
End Date: 25 септември 2017 г.
Venue: Woodbridge Country Club, Toronto, Canada

OPC Seminar Tour Vancouver

Start Date: 29 септември 2017 г.
End Date: 29 септември 2017 г.
Venue: Richmond, BC

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