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All times are Eastern Time Zone (GMT - 4)
Webcast duration: 45–60 minutes

Webcasts Contact

Amanda Gordon
Marketing Communications Manager
(508) 543-8600


Date: 6. dubna 2017 at 10:00 dop.

This webcast will provide the information needed to keep you competitive with highly reliable and redundant solutions. Learn about GENESIS64’s numerous ease of use features, including responsive design, grid layouts, and advanced navigation tools. Explore the advantages of an asset-based approach vs. a single tag approach. Learn from the experts on how ICONICS products, including the powerful Workbench configuration environment, ProjectWorX™ project reporting, AssetWorX™, and ConverterWorX™ migration tools, reduce your engineering and deployment times, significantly impacting the bottom line.


Date: 20. dubna 2017 at 11:00 dop.

This webcast will examine how the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is using big data to improve the operational efficiency of assets in order to reduce energy and maintenance costs and improve occupant comfort. Lalit Agarwal, Director of Facilities Systems, will explore best practices for using ICONICS’ fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) technology to turn that big data into actionable intelligence, and the most effective ways to present that information within an integrated operational dashboard.


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