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What is BizViz?

BizViz™, ICONICS Manufacturing Intelligence solution, translates manufacturing data from the plant-floor into actionable intelligence for decision makers at the enterprise and business level. Coordinating the connectivity of disparate sources and platforms, BizViz compiles data from multiple processes into visual summaries, including dashboards, reporting and analysis. From visualization and information, Manufacturers can make informed improvements to their processes and applications to move toward Operational Excellence.

For large manufacturing operations with multiple plants and locations, BizViz addresses needs from production and planning to quality, maintenance, asset management, inventory and materials management.

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Features & Benefits

 Customizable, Role-Based Portals
Provide a common, Web-accessible platform throughout entire organization with customizable functions and layouts based on individual needs.

 Preconfigured Web Parts
Over 20 Manufacturing Web Parts including interactive graphics, drill-down reports, extensive charts, KPI gauges, etc.

 Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Initiatives
Configure and visualize KPIS with plant-specific calculations for OEE, Downtime, Cycle Time, MTBF, TAKT Time, Efficiency, Right first time, etc

 OEE Comparison Charts
Enables side-by-side analysis of two or more assets.

 Seamless Connectivity
Connect to SAP BAPI, SNMP, BACnet, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC, OLEDB and other data sources. Aggregate vital operation information from multiple applications.

Seamless Connectivity
BizViz connects to critical data sources throughout the enterprise, including corporate databases, to deliver operation information. Microsoft .NET technology helps to take data from disparate sources and renders meaningful reports—fully configurable in terms of design, frequency and delivery format.

Customizable, Role-Based portals
Collaborative portals and digital dashboard help users effectively visualize vast amounts of manufacturing and business information. Based on Windows SharePoint Services, users can share and collaborate, or simply access an interactive HMI visualization. Portals provide a common platform for your entire organization.

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