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What is ReportWorX?

ReportWorXReportWorX™ is a powerful reporting tool that turns volumes of data into manufacturing intelligence. ReportWorX empowers users with the ability to create significant and effective reports using data integrated from any source within a system. Process data from the plant floor, corporate databases and everywhere in between by connecting to data sources such as OPC, OPC UA, BACnet, Modbus and SNMP. ReportWorX can also retrieve data from Hyper Historian™, AlarmWorX™, TrendWorX™ and other ICONICS data sources.

Based on scalable Microsoft .NET technology, ReportWorX pushes data into report spreadsheets and forms leveraging the power of Microsoft Excel. A key feature within ReportWorX is its advanced scheduling engine, which allows for the orchestrated execution of reports. These reports can be triggered for implementation over the Web, from an HMI screen or based on user-specified criteria.

ReportWorX™ Express is a downloadable application that operates as an on-demand reporting tool while maintaining all of the core functionalities of ReportWorX. ReportWorX Express functions as a light version of ReportWorX, simplifying the way users access real-time and historical data from ICONICS applications such as GENESIS64™, Hyper Historian™ and the AnalytiX® Suite. ReportWorX Express is an Excel add-in that is included within any ICONICS 64-bit product installation, allowing users to generate reports utilizing data from any ICONICS’ product.

ReportWorX™ 365  is an innovative business intelligence reporting tool built on the Microsoft Office Excel platform that enables users to access and assess reports from desired data sources. ReportWorX 365 empowers users to review real-time and historical data reports without any prior instillation of ICONICS products. Users can analyze all compiled data from within Microsoft Excel, Excel Online and Office 365. ReportWorX 365 can also perform advanced analytics using Microsoft business intelligence tools such as Power BI, Power View, Power Query and Azure-based analytic services.

Features & Benefits

 User-friendly Ribbon Menu Tab
• Included with GENESIS64, Hyper Historian and AnalytiX products
• Integrates with ICONICS Security Server so that role-based reports are available to authorized users
• Get easy access to even more data with this powerful plug-in for Excel 2010 and 2013.
• Streamline the Energy Star reporting process with this convenient new way to generate reports appropriate for submission into the U.S. Government EPA Energy Star initiative.

 Data Mining from Any Data Source
• Hyper Historian
• AlarmWorx 32 & 64
• TrendWorX 32 & 64
• Quality AnalytiX

Connect to and integrate any real-time or historical data from any source such as
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Oracle
• Microsoft Access
• AspenTech
• custom databases and more through Web services, ODBC and OLEDB connections

Integrate with other popular data sources such as
• HMI, SCADA and DCS Systems
• Maintenance Systems
• Plant Historians
• MES and ERP
• Building and Security Systems
• Lab Information Systems
• Corporate and Manufacturing Production Databases

 Real-time Reporting, Charting and Analytics
Powerful analytics and reporting on any plant floor or corporate database. Combine information from multiple data sources into one report.
• Workbook duplication / manipulation
• Chart and data updates
• Formula recalculation
• Automatic print out and Scheduling

 Built-in Report Scheduler
Include actual trigger parameter values in your reports. Schedule report generation and delivery based on
• Time and date
• Alarm and event
• OPC Real-time Data
• Expression or Calculation
• Database Value
• NT Event
• File Attribute
• On demand over the Web or HMI

 Report Layout Manager
Visualize data mapping from multiple data sources. Manage your report layout with advanced data mapping features for rapid development.
 Data Source Manager
Efficiently configure, organize and manage all data sources from one location. Save and reuse existing data source mappings.

  Template Versioning Support
Maintain track of template versions for easy report authoring and management. Quickly revert back to a prior version as needed.
 ICONICS SAP Connector
Retrieve any necessary data from any business area via the world’s most implemented ERP system.

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