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What is PortalWorX?

PortalWorXPortalWorX™ allows users to easily create and manage custom manufacturing portals, business portals and visualization dashboards that provide single sign-on collaboration for optimization of key performance indicators (KPI). Standard Web parts from Microsoft’s SharePoint .NET technology and ICONICS own customized Web parts for nearly every facet of manufacturing intelligence ensure you have everything you need to create a portal for your real-time historical plant and business information. PortalWorX requires virtually no administration, is easy to configure and delivers data anytime and anywhere through a standard Internet connection.

Features & Benefits

 Fully Customizable
Dashboards can be built with “Web Part” blocks and built-in templates designed for the many facets of manufacturing, with simple drag-and-drop configuration, saving you tremendous development time.

 Visualize Intelligence Dashboards
Gorgeous real-time charts visualize data directly in your portal, as Microsoft .NET technology allows data mining of virtually any corporate database.

 Navigation Menu and Tree Control
Keep your links, documents and alarms organized.

 Microsoft Sharepoint Integration
Reduce training costs and improve reliability with proven and reliable technology.

 Portal Solution
Includes an easy to use administrative interface and single sign-on services for role-based data, which improves communication and collaboration between team members while allowing for personalized views.
Fully Customizable
PortalWorX supports different types of customization, including content, language and appearance. The content and layout can be customized for individual groups or users to present targeted information on appropriate topics. This delivers relevant data to those who need it, helping users make quicker decisions. Portals can be globally deployed by leveraging ICONICS' language switching capabilities. Web parts appear to end users in their native language based on automatically detected regional settings. Entire configurations can be saved and reused by individuals and teams across an organization. PortalWorX allows complete control over user customization.

Visualize any Real-time and Corporate Data Source
Powerful Microsoft .NET technology allows the visualization and data mining of virtually any corporate database. PortalWorX can integrate information from different data sources. Data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Access, ODBC, OLEDB, MSDE, Plant Historians, OPC HDA (Historical Data Access), OPC AE (Alarm and Events) and OPC real-time information can all be accessed. PortalWorX uses Web services technology to data-mine across firewalls over the Internet or intranets.

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