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GENESIS32 Working in Conjunction with Microsoft's Terminal Server

GENESIS32 works in conjunction with Microsoft's Terminal Server to provide another solution to Thin Client deployment across your intranet. The various components that comprise GENESIS32 have been written to be 32-bit, multi-threaded, symmetric multi-processor, so they will readily scale in a multi-user environment.

Using Microsoft Terminal Services on Windows NT, 2000 and XP, in combination with the associated Terminal Client applications, offers many advantages for a networked solution.

Features & Benefits

 Thin Client Solution
No ICONICS software needs to be pre-installed on the client PC's, only Terminal Services. Software upgrades need only be deployed on the Server PC, since Clients have no actual HMI/SCADA software on them

 Run All GENESIS32 Applications
VBA Scripts embedded in GraphWorX32, TrendWorX32, and/or AlarmWorX32 will run.

 Client Terminal and Server Architecture
Applications run on server machine, so client terminals do not have to be powerful.

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