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What is WebHMI?

PortalWorXWebHMI™ uses a Web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, to provide an interface with ICONICS’ graphics, trending and alarming applications (applications within the HMI/SCADA suites). WebHMI delivers all necessary components from a centralized Web server for automatic installation to any Web browser. There’s no need to install any software onto the remote clients or to export or convert displays, as WebHMI does all the work.

Features & Benefits

 Web Access to Business and Factory Information
Connect to “live” plant, facility or corporate data over the Internet.

 Thin-Client Architecture Requires No Installation
Delivers thin client visualization, trending, alarming and reporting to any Web browser including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

 Firewall and Corporate IT-Friendly
on premises or in the cloud, with firewalls and routers over LANs, WANs and the Internet.

 Data-Mine Historical Data from Standard Database
View historical data from Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Express, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Plant Historians and more.

 Comprehensive Security
Integrate with Windows security for ease of use.

 Scalable Web Server Architecture
WebHMI scales seamlessly as applications and connections grow.

Web Access to Business and Factory Information
Managers, supervisors and operators can point their browsers to the Web pages containing production reports, HMI graphics, historical trends and alarms. As the client PC loads the requested HTML page from the designated Web server (running WebHMI Server software), the necessary components are automatically loaded to the client PC in the background.

Firewall and Corporate IT-Friendly
Revolutionary GenBroker communications technology provides advanced methods of communications across the Internet, intranets and plant/corporate IT infrastructures. GenBroker supports routers, smart switches, hubs and firewalls and uses industry standard OPC over SOAP/XML and OPC over TCP/IP, as well as standard Microsoft COM, DCOM and VPN technologies to access real-time OPC data, alarms and historical information.

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