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Energy Management

By providing a clear view of energy consumption patterns, ICONICS helps companies with their energy conservation efforts. By visualizing, aggregating and summarizing energy usage by location and forecasting energy costs over time, organizations can identify how and where to optimize consumption. Energy optimization means cost savings for the organization, reduction of carbon footprint  and an increase in sustainability.

In an era of uncertainty in energy costs and environmental awareness, any manufacturing plant, building or facility will benefit from Energy AnalytiX, the ICONICS solution for sustainability.  

Energy Management

Features & Benefits
  Dollarize Energy Usage Data
 Optimize Asset Utilization
 Collect and Totalize Energy Usage Data
 Flexible Totalization by Site/ Building/ Tenant/ Equipment
 Open Architecture
 Enables Integration with Other Enterprise Applications
 Report Templates for Green Buildings
 Easily Meet LEED and Energy Star Standards
 Microsoft SharePoint Integrated Dashboards
 Variety of Charts and Reports for Intuitive Analysis

See What Our Customers Are Saying 
Greg Howard
Systems Integration Manager
AES Wind Generation

“We are pleased with ICONICS’ ability to provide a solution that can be built, maintained and controlled without paying consultants at every turn”

Energy AnalytiX

Energy AnalytiX is an energy monitoring, energy analysis and energy management system (EMS) that delivers rich platform and browser-independent real-time visualization. It addresses any application from a single building to an entire campus or multi-site enterprise


Facility AnalytiX

Facility AnalytiX is a complete, ongoing commissioning software solution based on ICONICS’ advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology that significantly reduces costs and improves operational efficiency. It incorporates user customizable fault rules to weigh the probability of equipment failure and advise personnel of immediate preventative actions they can take before faults occur, improving safety and optimizing energy savings.



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