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Geo-SCADA provides a complete solution combining mapping technology with classic supervisory control and data acquisition. For operations with geographically dispersed assets, the ICONICS Geo-SCADA Solution offers real-time, scalable and secure visualization. Water plants, building facilities, factories, oil fields, and renewable energy applications will benefit from Geo-SCADA. Tracking movable assets during transportation via GPS coordinates is also supported by Geo-SCADA.

Microsoft Bing, Google and Esri geospatial maps can be combined with real-time information, creating powerful Geo-SCADA solutions. Access information from anywhere, anytime and on any platform using the WebHMI browser based solution or MobileHMI for delivery to smart devices such as Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Android devices, Web-enabled HDTVs and Microsoft Surface devices


Features & Benefits
  Geo-SCADA with Esri
 Integrating GraphWorX64 HMI software with Esri mapping and authentication gives you the combined power of both software solutions to provide unparalleled visualizations.
  • Show and Hide Esri Data (and EarthWorX) Layers via GraphWorX64 Dynamics.
  • Overlay GraphWorX Objects on Esri Maps for Powerful Geo-SCADA Displays.
A valid Esri account and Root URL can be entered while in GraphWorX64 Configuration Mode.
  Enhanced Bing, Google and Custom Maps
 Reliably locate and identify asset performance, issues, or alarm conditions within seconds on these map platforms. Develop custom map providers using the popular OGC WMS format.

 Automatic 3D Terrain Elevation Drawing Technology allows you to select an area of your 2D map and automatically convert it to a 3D terrain in GraphWorX.
  Smart Pins
 Quickly identify a large number of geographically dispersed assets and act on problems immediately.
Use completely customizable color schemes and layout. Easily visualize the performance of an asset by the color of the pin:
  • Green = all systems are OK
  • Yellow = a potential problem
  • Red = an alarm condition or immediate action is needed

 Hide and show relevant Smart Pins to give as much information as needed without adding complexity or clutter to the maps. Use layering to reveal more detailed information on demand.
  Geographically Correlate KPIs
 In an easy-to-navigate, drill-down interface, interact with a single centralized virtual map to make quick and efficient decisions anywhere in the world. 
  Unified View of Real-time Metrics and Historical Data
 Enable better decision making by providing immediate access to key business information.

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Loudoun Water

“With the higher performance of Windows Vista, which is fully supported by our ICONICS software, we anticipate a reduction in customization time by 30 to 40%, compared with Windows XP.”
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EarthWorX™ provides real-time visualization to widely dispersed assets such as factories, facilities, oil fields and many others. ICONICS' unique SmartPin™ technology allows for an innovative drill down capability to quickly view alarm conditions and status for any location around the world. Within seconds, that asset can be identified and located through GENESIS64's integration with Esri Maps, Enhanced Microsoft’s Bing Maps, or Google Maps.



GENESIS64 is the most advanced HMI/SCADA solution, and the leader in next generation 64-bit automation visualization software solutions. Across all industries, GENESIS64 bridges data connectivity, aggregation and visualization to provide the most flexible and comprehensive software suite for your HMI/SCADA needs now and in the future



AssetWorX™ is an Intelligent S95 Asset Technology provided as a component of the GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA and AnalytiX® product suites to organize any system, simplify engineering and enhance navigation.


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