HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a User Interface where interaction between a human and a manufacturing or process control system occurs. The HMI provides graphics-based visualization of a control system. The outcome of interaction with an HMI is effective operation and control of a process.

HMI solutions from ICONICS not only produce the desired result, but are easy, efficient and even beautiful. An ICONICS solution for visualization is sparkling and realistic, ensuring the greatest understanding and control of systems for your operators.


Features & Benefits
  3D Visualization
 Scalable, vector-based graphics
  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
 Provides real-time visualization of any manufacturing or business intelligence information.
  Windows 7 Multitouch
 Intuitive, tangible interfacing with machines
  State-of-the-art graphic hardware acceleration

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Senior Management Team
UB McVitie’s Glasgow Plant

“The ICONICS GENESIS32 software is so easy to use. DataWorX32 is a very understated component with a great deal of power. The graphics that can easily be created in GraphWorX are outstanding.”

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GraphWorX™64 is a rich HMI and SCADA data visualization tool. It allows users to build scalable, vector-based graphics that do not lose details when zoomed upon. Build intuitive graphics that depict real world locations and integrate TrendWorX64 viewers and AlarmWorX64 viewers to give a full picture of your operations.



The new MobileHMI is a technology marvel, bringing the power of the GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA solutions to any Smartphone, Tablet, Web Browser or Web-enabled device. Ground-breaking Smart Tile, AppHub™ and configuration technology help simplify deployment to any Microsoft, Apple or Android device through innovative WinRT and XAML-to-HTML5 technology for delivering HMI/SCADA solutions. Create rich, real-time universal visualization for mobile dashboards for energy, quality or production metrics in real-time.



WebHMI™ uses a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, to provide an interface with ICONICS’ graphics, trending and alarming applications (applications within the HMI/SCADA suites). WebHMI delivers all necessary components from a centralized Web server for automatic installation to any PC running any browser. There’s no need to install any software onto the remote clients or to export or convert displays, as WebHMI does all the work.

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