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ICONICS empowers decision makers at all levels of the enterprise with a clear view of the entire operation. We provide environments where users discover and are alerted to trends in their operations where users can react and adjust to potential issues in real-time. Real-time and accurate production and downtime information via key performance indicators to help manufacturers drive global operational efficiency and competitive market advantage.


Features & Benefits
  Configurable KPIs
 KPIs such as OEE, Downtime, Cycle Time and more in visually stunning charts and reports empower users to make informed decisions to increase production efficiency.
  Personalized Dashboards
  Provides just the right information to the appropriate person, enabling a great reduction of downtime.
  Flexible Reporting
 Reports are delivered automatically to those who need them.
  Web Interface
 Allows users to design, develop and deploy dashboards, reports, trends and KPI views.
 Combining multiple sources of information in the same report allows you to discover trends across disjointed systems in real-time.

See What Our Customers Are Saying 
Jon McArthur
Manufacturing Technology Engineer
PGT Industries

“ICONICS Productivity Analytics, in addition to identifying issues, has been used to drive a cultural change in the company […] This system has been a great success and the production capacity found to exist in the current plants has exceeded any expectation.”
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ReportWorX™ is a powerful reporting tool that turns volumes of data into manufacturing intelligence. Connecting to multiple data sources, including real-time OPC data as well as a variety of databases, ReportWorX processes data from the plant floor, corporate databases and everywhere in between.


Productivity Analytics

Productivity Analytics empowers decision makers at all levels of the enterprise with real-time and accurate manufacturing intelligence to help them drive global operational efficiency and strengthen competitive market advantage. Gain insight into your operations through real-time data aggregation and connectivity to multiple data sources, presented in an intuitive and intelligent manner. Productivity Analytics helps to establish manufacturing context with KPIs such as OEE, Cycle Time and Throughput, and deliver manufacturing intelligence to the entire organization. Productivity Analytics can be installed within, and used to identify opportunities for improvement within any Manufacturing Exectuion System (MES).



PortalWorX™ allows users to easily create and manage custom manufacturing portals, business portals and visualization dashboards that provide single sign-on collaboration for optimization of key performance indicators (KPI).PortalWorX requires virtually no administration, is easy to configure and delivers data anytime and anywhere through a standard Internet connection.


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