MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems - are designed to measure and control activities in the production areas of organizations to increase productivity and improve quality.

Execution of manufacturing applications is in the layer between the enterprise and control system, and provides visibility and control. Visibility and control means delivery of information, in a manner that enables optimized production. MES is the answer for resource planning, financial planning, inventory management and logistics. ICONICS Manufacturing Intelligence Suite fulfills the needs of Manufacturing Execution Systems.


Features & Benefits
  Advanced Planning and Scheduling
 Easily maintain and schedule your production goals and reporting.
  Collection of Data
 ICONICS provides for the real-time collection and historical storage of production data, available to you at any time for analysis.
  Product Traceability
 For safety critical applications, such as in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, meeting regulatory standards is supported.
  Measure and Manage
 Helps ease the management of resources, providing you with an overall view of your operations, from equipment effectiveness to asset management.

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Jon McArthur
Manufacturing Technology Engineer
PGT Industries

“ICONICS Productivity Analytics, in addition to identifying issues, has been used to drive a cultural change in the company […] This system has been a great success and the production capacity found to exist in the current plants has exceeded any expectation.”
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BridgeWorX™ performs efficient data exchange to and from any database or data source. With a unique visual transaction data-mapping configuration wizard, users are able to transfer information to and from real-time OPC manufacturing devices and corporate business information systems. BridgeWorX data-mining technology can access Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SAP and virtually any real-time or archived manufacturing or business data source.



ScheduleWorX™32 integrates GENESIS32™ HMI/SCADA applications with multiple I/O servers and clients or can function as a standalone application. It provides all the necessary tools, including easy-to-use configuration, runtime execution/monitoring and support for calendar schedules. When used with GENESIS32, ScheduleWorX32 provides support for remote Web monitoring of schedules, making online changes, and performing temporary or indefinite overrides of schedules from any GENESIS32 GraphWorX™32 operator console. 


Quality AnalytiX

The demand to increase product quality and reduce scrap is critical to many in manufacturing, who expect to have Six Sigma or better conformance to product specifications. Achieving best-in-class quality output requires continuous analysis and real-time quality control. Quality AnalytiX® is a real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) quality analysis solution that is very easy to use and applicable to any quality monitoring application. With simple configuration and deployment methods, Quality AnalytiX offers an extensive set of SPC calculations, control charts, portal dashboard views and standard quality reports that can be applied in a variety of combinations to help pinpoint quality outliers.

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