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We provide our customers with the highest quality of customer service throughout the world. A Global Support and Services Program in ICONICS offices around the globe, our network of sales channel distributors and representatives, and local and regional locations provide front-line service and expert assistance.

ICONICS SupportWorX™ Technical Support Services Plans are a key component of ICONICS’ Global Support and Services Programs. Expert assistance is just a phone call or a click away- SupportWorX Plans provide telephone and e-mail support from ICONICS sales channels and support centers around the globe.

SupportWorX provides access to the ICONICS Customer Connection for the latest service packs and information you need to keep your system in top running order. SupportWorX provides important license replacement in case of lost software key or damaged hardware key. Choose from multiple SupportWorX options to fit your needs, including a 24x7 Emergency Support Option.

Contact your local Sales Channel Partner to purchase your SupportWorX plan.

For additional information, please contact an ICONICS Support Center.

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