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OPC ToolWorX™ - 3 Days

Course Number:  TR-OPC-301
Price:  $1,795
Duration:  3 Days

Course Description: 

This is a three-day course on developing powerful OPC servers using ICONICS' OPC ToolWorX™ toolkit. This course will help you to meet ever-increasing demands for robust Plug-and-Play component software. Learn how to rapidly develop high-quality, production-grade OPC servers that comply with the latest OPC standards, including such emerging technologies as XML Data Access and Data Access 3.0. Learn to create fully operational OPC servers using powerful OPC ToolWorX wizards from within Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET and Visual C++.
What You Will Learn in Class:
  • How to create OPC Data Access (DA) 3.0 servers
  • How to create OPC XML-DA 1.0 servers
  • How to create OPC Alarm and Event (AE) servers
  • Overview of the OPC ToolWorX 3.1 architecture
  • New tools for testing & debugging OPC servers
  • OPC fundamentals for Microsoft COM & DCOM
  • Using wizards to create OPC server runtime and configuration modules
  • How to customize development wizards and GUI
  • How to add device-specific code, XML and databases to create server configurations
  • Hands-on creation of OPC DA and AE servers
  • Latest troubleshooting and debugging techniques
  • How to use ICONICS' TraceWorX™32 XML utility for debugging and monitoring
  • How to use ICONICS' Dr. DCOM network configuration utility and OPC DataSpy™ V8 diagnostics utilities

Course Content
1. Introduction to OPC ToolWorX
2. OPC ToolWorX Essentials
3. COM, DCOM and OPC
4. Hands-on Exercise (programming)
5. Runtime Module Programming
6. Hands-on Exercises for Runtime Module Programming
7. Configurator Programming
8. Hands-on Exercises for Configurator Programming
9. Sample Modbus OPC Server Code
10. OPC ToolWorX and OPC XML-DA
11. OPC ToolWorX and .NET
12. Code Samples Advanced Concepts
13. Toolkit Internals
14. Time available for your specific project discussion
Who Should to Attend:
Any Microsoft Visual C++ developer considering development of OPC servers for communication to automation devices or other software programs.

This course requires a working knowledge of object-oriented programming using Microsoft Visual C++, and knowledge of industrial automation and PLC devices. Those who are unfamiliar with Visual C++ should consult with ICONICS prior to registering for this course.

Training Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your registration provided you notify ICONICS by emailing orders@iconics.com at least 10 business days in advance of the first day of the class. All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to orders@iconics.com. In the event you cannot cancel your registration within the allowed timeframe, you will be responsible for the full charges of the class. In this case, you will be able to attend another comparable ICONICS class over the immediately following four-month period.
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