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Instant KPIs and Alerts on Any Glass, AnytimeTM

The new MobileHMI is a technology marvel, bringing the power of the GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA solutions to any Smartphone, Tablet, Web Browser or Web-enabled device. Ground-breaking Smart Tile, AppHub and configuration technology help simplify deployment to any Microsoft, Apple or Android device through innovative WinRT and XAML-to-HTML5 technology for delivering HMI/SCADA solutions. Create rich, real-time universal visualization for mobile dashboards for energy, quality or production metrics in real-time.
With MobileHMI, executives, operators and technicians have the ability to monitor their data and equipment from anywhere, reducing the time it takes for issues to be recognized and fixed. Designed from the ground up to be simple and effective, MobileHMI is a must-have mobile software solution for anyone monitoring critical building, manufacturing or industrial applications.

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Instant KPIs and Alerts on Any Glass, AnytimeTM

Smartphone display                 Tablet display

Key Features           
Instant Access and Analytics See Energy, Production and other critical information
  • Real-time and historical data
  • KPIs
  • Alarms
  • Trends
  • Scorecards
  • GEO SCADA visualization

Mobile Client Technology Create rich, real-time universal visualization with HTML5 or WinRT for
  • Microsoft Windows Surface tablets
  • Windows Phones
  • Apple iPhones
  • Apple iPads
  • Android devices
  • Web-enabled HDTVs
  • any other Web-connected device

Multi-touch Gesturing Effectively navigate with the ability to swipe through operations and focus in on areas that need attention most.

Securely command changes as set points or change of state.

Ensure secure command operations by requiring an additional single-finger unlock touch.

Universal Visualization Choose from variety of pre-configured device templates that include resolution, aspect ratio and a faceplate to mimic the look and feel of the selected device.

Secure unified view for all users, regardless of their role in the organization.

Smart Tiles Customize application displays in the AppHub to 
  • view instant KPIs and alerts
  • provide drill-down navigation
  • create elegant menus
  • provide a consistent user experience and real-time feedback for changes on any device

Universal Data Access Built on industry open standards, such as
  • OPC Classic
  • OPC Unified Architecture
  • BACnet
  • SNMP
  • Modbus
  • Web Services
Simply plug in MobileHMI into any existing BAS, SCADA or IT network to immediately enable instant real-time access. 

Automatic device discovery makes it easy to point to your equipment or databases and start realizing value.

Mobile Server and Cloud Ready Running on the latest Windows Server platforms, MobileHMI's server can be located anywhere, even as a scalable cloud application.

Lightweight installation makes it an easy choice for virtualization and cloud enterprise.

Fast, Easy Setup with Configuration Wizards       
  • Define your data on the server
  • Personalize your navigation menus
  • Filter historical OPC tags
  • Create groups and expressions

Favorites, Browsing and Caching

Add any graphic, alarm subscription or asset to your favorites or pin it to the main screen of your Windows 8 Tablet.

Use browsing and caching to find other displays and keep a local copy for faster reload speeds.

Centralized Security for Role-Based View Secure unified view for all users, regardless of their role in the organization.

Try MobileHMI Any Glass, AnytimeTM today!

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